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  • Special Features And Innovations

    This area contains special features and innovations associated with Sonic The Hedgehog 1. Anything of noteable mention associated with the game, like insights on its creation, special things and whatnots - you can find it here.

    Sonic The Hedgehog 1 - Genesis
    Sonic The Hedgehog 1 - Megadrive (Europe)
    Sonic The Hedgehog 1 - Megadrive (Japan)

    Labyrinth Zone

    At a time when the videogame industry was pretty much all Super Mario, the struggling Genesis needed a name for itself. Headed by Yuji Naka and The Sonic Team, Sonic The Hedgehog was created and soon took the top spot as both mascot and headliner of a company.

    The concept of STH is that of a fast-moving character running through various intricately-designed courses. The key feature (one which would remain a Sonic standard) is the Sonic's spin, with which the player destroys "badniks" and perform other tricks to advance to te goal. Ring-collecting introduced an innovative twist on the "coin collecting" system started by Mario. But instead of the rings counting as money, they were instead also vital to your life. You can live as long as you have 1 ring alone, but lose all rings, then touch an enemy and you die. And as each board progresses, it gets harder to keep the rings. ^_^ At the time it was released - Sonic 1 had a number of innovations to go along with its 16-bit graphics:

  • Speedy Frames Rates Speed of this caliber in a videogame had never been pulled off before.
  • Music The only videogame at the time that had music of equal or better value is that of the Megaman series. Featuring catchy tunes composed by Koji Kondo, there are tunes from this game that are instantly recogniseable to some gamers.
  • Level Design Linear gameplay but with a twist, instead of just following a straight set path, Sonic 1 helped cement exploration of levels. The more you explore, the more goodies you can find.
  • Character Design Character design became vital to the existance of Sonic. Spiked hair, a red, white, and blue color scheme, and an "attitude" to match, define Sonics outlook.
  • The Gamers Guide Walkthrough

    Listed below is the zone menu for Sonic The Hedgehog 1. Click on the name of the corresponding zone to be taken to the respective section of our thorough walkthroughs area for any information that we have on it, from stats, to bosses, to descriptions. If a zone has a link, then most likely we have info on its past information. If so, click on the name to learn more about it, in our "Hedgehog That Never Was" area! ^_^

  • Green Hill Zone
  • Marble Zone
  • Spring Yard Zone (Original Name - Sparkling Zone)
  • Labyrinth Zone
  • Star Light Zone
  • Scrap Brain Zone (Original Name - Clock Work Zone)
  • Final Zone
  • Special Zone (Rotating Emerald Maze)
  • Green Hill Zone

  • This is the first zone and the easiest. The main dangers are spikes, Buzzbombers, and other small enemies. Try and keep going fast, that way you can avoid more dangers and get to higher up power ups. The Act 3 boss is Robotnik in his Egg-O-Matic with a checker wrecker ball attached to the bottom. Get underneath the platforms when it swings toward you and duck at the edge. It won't hit you. When it swings the other way, jump on the platform and jump at Robotnik's ship. 8 such hits will destroy his ship.

    This zone isn't as easy as the first one. All this lava makes this zone a hard one to navigate. Just try to watch out for the lava. Spikes pop up everywhere, so watch where you're running. A lot of the times this zone requires precise jumping, so be really careful. At the end, Robotnik comes and tries to suck up the lava and drop it on you. Watch out for it and jump at him. 8 hits will put him where he belongs.

  • Marble Zone

  • Spring Yard Zone

  • This one's a killer. The first in a long tradition of Pinball Sonic boards - those springs and bumpers get on your nerves after a while especially since they have a tendency of bouncing you into badniks. Just keep your head and you'll be cool. Watch out for that rolling ball badnik - Roller. He gets annoying after a while as well and tends to show up in the least expected places. The Act 3 boss is Robotnik with a spike on his Egg-O-Matic. He'll try to drop down on you with the needle. Dodge him and hit him as he does this. He'll come up with a block of the platform youre standing on, so get rid of him quick or you'll have no platform left at all! 8 hits will send him running.

    Get ready for an underwater extravaganza. It takes 30 seconds to drown folks. It takes 5 seconds for the first "ding" warning, and the warning repeats at 10 seconds and 15 seconds. After 18 seconds (or 3 seconds after the 3rd warning), the "danger" music and countdown start. The countdown lasts 12 seconds. Make sure that you keep enough air to survive at all times. Get air bubbles when you can and try to stay on the surface when you can. Other than that, the zone isn't extremely hard. The water slows you down, so be careful. Robotnik is pretty easy in Act 3. All you have to do is get to the top of all his traps. When you do, he'll run away, leaving you to finish the zone.

  • The Labyrinth Zone

  • Star Light Zone

  • A construction area in a large cityscape - Watch out for the bombs, they're everywhere. Other than those bombs, it's a pretty straightforward zone. Watch where youre going in hilly areas, especially since the bottom of the level is filled with pits. To beat the Star Light zone boss, get on one end of the spring that Robotnik doesn't drop the spike ball on. When he drops the ball, it will bounce you up. Bounce up and over him and hit him from the top. Eight hits puts him out.

    This isn't extremely hard but it isnt exactly easy either. Keep your wits about you though, or you'll be a Sonic pancake in no time! There is no boss at the end of Act 3, which strangely enough is an underwater area. At the end of Act 2 Robotnik sends you plummeting into an underground area with water. Just remember to keep getting enough air to survive.

  • Scrap Brain Zone

  • The Final Zone

  • Here you must fight Robotnik for the final time. Stay in the far left or far right corners and attack Robotnik when he appears. Be careful, or the 4 pistons he's hiding in will smash you. After the pistons try to cream you, the red light will produce 4 white fireballs. Dodge them. The cycle repeats itself. As always, after 8 hits the pistons will be destroyed. As Robotnik flies off in his Egg-O-Matic, hit the ship to damage it and send Robotnik crashing to the ground. Now sit back and watch the ending.

    To get to the Chaos Emerald special stage, have at least 50 rings when you pass the Goal. A large ring will be there. Jump into it to go to the special stage. It's a 360 rotating maze. Jump through it and search for the Chaos Emerald. It will be encased in blocks that disappear when you touch them. Get rid of the blocks and grab the Emerald to win! You also can exit the stage by touching the Goal balls, so be careful where you look! When you get all 6 Emeralds (there are only 6 in this game), you DON'T become Super Sonic. You just get You just get to see the good version of the ending.
  • The Special Zone
    The 360 Degree Rotating Maze

  • The Hedgehog That Never Was
    The Sonic 1 Beta
  • This area contains information on aspects that never made it into the final phase of release. Pictures in this section are rumored to have come from the beta release of Sonic The Hedgehog 1. Pictures come from the now defunct Megacosm page. Entitled "The Hedgehog that Never Was", here, you can find info on betas, or interesting tidbits not often known. If you are interested in seeing more on other games as well, info found in this area can also be found on the same page in the main Games section with the same name, where we collect it all for view in one spot. ^_^
  • Green Hill Zone

  • There's not much of a drastic change here, but what is noticeable is the darker sky compared to the sky above. Also note the cityscape in the background. Unlike the regular GHZ, there are no flowered backgrounds. And to further top that, there are no mountains in the current version that look like that as well.

    It looks just like the Marble Zone - but whats different? Try the UFO's in the clouded background and top that with a badnik that can only be found in the Spring Yard Zone.

  • Marble Zone

  • Sparkling Zone
    AKA - Spring Yard Zone

  • It may look like the Spring is Spring Yard. But supposedly, in the beta it was known as the "Sparkling Zone". It makes sense considering the bright lights of the regular Spring yard, but the current name makes more sense and fits the theme better.

    This pic is interesting cause it possibly shows just how far the beta had come along when it was released to magazines and such - Originally known as the "Clock Work Zone", soon to become the Scrap Brain, notice the missing O.

  • Clock Work Zone
    AKA - Scrap Brain Zone