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Sonic R

Welcome to the world that is Sonic R! The second NEW Sonic game for the Sega Saturn platform, Sonic R defines a new definition of speed as Sonic and his friends race to the finish line! You can choose from up to 10 different characters to race as through 5 fully 3D levels!! Sonic and Tails are enjoying a little time off from their latest adventures. The trip they have planned will be a nice, relaxing vacation. Or so they think...

Tails spots a huge sign alongside the road they are currently traveling on. It is a recruiting advertisement for the Mobius Grand Prix. When tails spots a sign advertising the Mobius Grand Prix it becomes a chance for the ever ego-boosting Sonic The Hedgehog to show his fantabulous speed! But the real interesting thing about the race is that Robotnik is one of the racers! And where there is Robotnik, there's sure to be trouble! And trouble it is! Robotnik has set a trap for our heroes as well as laying the grounds for an elaborate scheme to get his hands on the Chaos Emeralds as well, especially since now he has learned of thier location!!! But Sonic is not the only one who will be racing with Dr. Robotnik! Sonic's rival, Knuckles, has learned that Sonic will be participating in a very important race and Knuckles never turns down a chance to be around Sonic when the action starts! And Amy Rose will be there too. After secretly overhearing Dr. Robotnik's plans, she also will be racing to find the Chaos Emeralds! So now there's an all out free for all to see just who will first find the Chaos Emeralds and win the Mobius Grand Prix!!! Let the races Begin!

Resort Island Zone
Radical City Zone
Regal Ruin Zone
Reactive Factory Zone
Radiant Emerald Zone

Sonic the Hedgehog Racing - Sega Saturn, PC Conversion

Game Codes And Strategy Guides Courtesy Of Jared Matte A.K.A. The Green Gibbon , Radical City

The Code Bank

Clean Pause: While playing, pause the game and press X + Y + Z at the same time.

Duplicate Characters: Player 2 can play as the same character as player 1. The first player picks a character then the second player high lights the same character. Hold X + Y + Z. This also works for Super Sonic and all hidden characters.

Manipulate The Title Screen: To have a little fun with the title screen, wait a moment, then fiddle with the D-pad. the "R" will rotate to your will. If you press the B button, the color of the R will change to a metallic outlook. Pressing the A Button restores the R to its former color. Pressing Y and X will darken or lighten the R.

Trouble With Metal Sonic ???: An easier way to beat Mecha Sonic after collecting the 5 tokens is to first capture The Tails Doll who is easier to get than the Metal Sonic and then use Mecha Tails against Mecha Sonic, cutting across the water to get a lead. Always make sure you run through the ruins or the open 20 ring door.

The Ring Station: After the accelerator in Reactive Factory continue to go straight forward. When you come to split in the road take the left road. If you continue up this road you will end up passing by a sign on the side of the road that says RING. Stop at that sign, and if you wait rings will come to you, giving you up to 999 rings.

Zoom In / Zoom Out: On the main screen, the character screen and most screens, push the L button to zoom in and the R button to zoom out.

The Racers !!!

Racer #1: Sonic The Hedgehog
Species: Hedgehog
Sex: Male

Sonic is the fastest of all the racers. Heís so fast that he almost lifts off the ground when he runs. Because of this, his cornering is often not as good as other racers, be wary of high, sharp curves. Sonic also has excellent jumping ability too! Due to the fact that he goes SO FAST he can literally "jump on air" allowing him to often pass others that barr him going any further, or crossing obstacles that would normally give him a hard time. Sonic can also perform spin jumps as well! If you hold down and continually press A, C, or Y, Sonic will rev up a spin-dash - let go and off you go like a hyperkinetic cork! You can spin-dash right from the start of the race to get a head start on the opposition. Simply start the spin-dash before it says "Go", and release Down right when it says it to get ahead.

Racer #2: Tails the Fox
Species: Hedgehog
Sex: Male

Tails is not as fast as Sonic, but he accelerates and corners well. Jump and grip are fairly good too, but best of all, he can fly! But one of his most surprising abilities is propelling himself underwater - a great way to get ahead of the rest of the racers! However, his speed will never allow him to beat Sonic or Knuckles in a straightaway...Like Sonic, Tails can jump in the air and spin-dash. He can also fly for a few seconds by jumping in the air, then pressing and holding A, C, or Y while up there. Tails can also spin-dash from the start of the race to get ahead.

Racer #3: Amy Rose
Species: Hedgehog
Sex: Female

Maybe Amyís car doesnít have a very high top-speed, but there are some pretty wonderful things it can do. For one, it acts as a fast hovercraft on water. And look out when she fires the turbo boost! It can DEFINETELY get you into first place, but it can also make you lose control if not used well! But it will NOT work on water...Amy's hovercraft can automatically hover when you go on water. When a tire symbol appears in the top-right area of the screen, press A, C, or Y to fire your turbo boost and rocket ahead! Even though you can't turn too well while using the turbo boost, you can press L and R to help turn a little bit. Like Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, Amy can jet forward in front of all the opposition at the start of the race. Simply hold A, C, or Y until the announcer says "Go" to boost ahead for a head start. Amy is best for exploring the course for secrets, not in a straight-out race. Use her to learn the tracks in a Time Trial race....

Racer #4: Knuckles The Echidna
Species: Echidna
Sex: Male

Knuckles is the overall well-balanced contestant in the race. His ability to stay on the road is outstanding, and cornering is quite good. Knuckles can also glide after jumps, BUT he can NOT keep up with Sonic...Knuckles can jump and spin-dash just like Sonic and Tails. To glide - jump in the air, then press and hold A, C, or Y. Knuckles can spin-dash as well at the start to gain a lead.

Secret Racer #1: Doctor Robotnik
Species: Human
Sex: Male
Unlocking The Secret Racer: The key to unlocking Doc R as a racer is in the "Radiant Emerald Zone"! Just get a first place victory here and the Eggman will be in the fifth position on the character select screen next time you visit it!

Robotnik has returned in his faithful Egg-O-Matic to even up the odds!!! The machine cruises over water and is good for cornering, but no contact with the ground means no grip! But you know the dubious doc ALWYAS has tricks up his sleeve...namely the homing missiles! Like Amy, Robotnik can hover with his Egg-O-Matic. He also has homing missles you can use by pressing A, C, or Y whenever a green target appears over a racer in front of you. You must have 10 rings to use a missle. He's great fun in two-player matches when you feel like blasting people out of the water, but not good to use in races. Use him to learn the courses as well.

Metal Sonic
Secret Racer #2: Metal Sonic
Species: Badnik
Sex: None
Unlocking The Secret Racer: The key to unlocking Metal Sonic as a racer is in the "Resort Island Zone"! Try using Sonic to get a first place victory here!

Metal Sonic has one edge that Sonic doesnt - the ability to hover. And this can make him faster in some areas while he is not faster than Sonic himself! However - along with his good, MS has his faults as well. For one thing Doc R screwed up again in the design - its true that he hovers, but if you stop moving he falls into the water like a moron. It's even more important to watch your speed on corners as his speed cant handle them well at all...

Secret Racer #3: The Tails Doll
Species: badnik
Sex: ????
Unlocking The Secret Racer: The key to unlocking Teddy Tails as a racer is in the "Radical City Zone"! Just get a first place victory here and the Tails Doll will be on the character select screen next time you visit it!

Possibly one of the creepiest of ANY Sonic characters, the Tails Doll does not rejoice at the end of laps, it does not make any kind of gestures during a race....Complete with the stuffing down his back it just sits and stares like a blank zombie...His flight mode is absolutely perfect just as long as you dont slam into an object, such as a wall. He also hovers over water while standing still and will not fall in at all. He's a little bit slower than Tails and wobbly as well and cant take to flight immediately if jumping off of hills....

Metal Knuckles
Secret Racer #4: Metal Knuckles
Species: Badnik
Sex: None
Unlocking The Secret Racer: The key to unlocking Metal Sonic as a racer is in the "Reactive Factory Zone"! Shortcuts are a MUST for a first place victory...

Metal Knuckles can be considered as a balanced racer with a few more faults than Knuckles....Along with good speeding, gliding, and hover capabilities, Metal Knux also posses Metal Sonics faults - not being able to corner well and falling into water like an idiot after hovering and not moving.

Secret Racer #5: The Egg Robo
Species: badnik
Sex: ????
Unlocking The Secret Racer: Eggbots are Robotniks "Chief badniks" of sorts. The largest badnik of them all Egg Robos can also race - however they are quite fat and clunky...

Eggbots are strange, horrible racers...They posess SOME hover ability and missles like Doc R but thats about it - They're not even real good in competition mode. Point blank: They suck at racing...

Super Sonic !!!
Secret Racer #6: Super Sonic
Species: Hedgehog
Sex: None
Unlocking The Secret Racer: The final of the secret racers - the key to unlocking Super Sonic as a racer lies in EVERY ZONE - Find the Chaos Emeralds in all of them...

He's baaaaacccckkk.....The ULTIMATE SONIC is back and rarin' for action! And he works just a little bit better than your regular everyday average Sonic The Hedgehog...Being that Super Sonic is super fast, it's even more important to watch your speed on the corners. Take Super Sonic across water and through shortcuts for easy victories. Beware, the computer uses this trick all the time as well is you race against SS. For your help, here are the locations of all the Chaos Emeralds...

Emerald #1: Resort Island
(behind the door which opens with 50 rings)

Emerald #2: Radical City
(behind a door which opens with 20 rings, bottom of the course after falling down the hole in the street short after the tunnel)

Emerald #3: Radical City
(behind the door which opens with 50 rings)

Emerald #4: Ruins course
(behind the door which opens with 50 rings, location left side of the course on some arcades right after the start)

Emerald #5: Regal Ruin
(behind the door which opens with 20 rings, location is right in front of you after racing up the ramp)

Emerald #6: Reactive Factory
(behind the door which opens with 50 rings, location is just after the looping the emerald will jump out of the machine in front of you)

Emerald #7: Reactive Factory
(behind the door which opens with 50 rings, location short after the looping left of the ramp where a excelerator is located. The emerald will pop out of the submarine which waits for you right ahead)

Resort Island Zone

Itís a wonderful day for a race on this tropical island paradise. A nice blue sky, lots of greenery, a pretty waterfallÖitís all here. Get too enchanted, though, and you might slip into the water or bump into a coconut tree. Take the time to hop around the smaller islands. Going for a little rock climbing is well worth the effort too.

Location Of The Tokens -

Token #1; On the 1st bit of track you usually pass under a rock formation. Look on the top of it.
Token #2; Behind the waterfall after the rock formation.
Token #3; In a 20 ring tunnel at the right of the entrance to the ruins bit.
Token #4; On a solitary island right of the hairpin turn.
Token #5; Just before the loop there is a split in the track. Take the left (longest) route here.

Radical City Zone

This course is plenty wide. Gaps in the railing arenít just accidental breaks! Waterways look like slow going at first, but they can save you some time if you know which turns to take. And speaking of turns, there are a couple of tight ones to add to your fun. Ever wondered what it is like to be a pinball?

Location Of The Tokens -

Token #1; After the 1st dip in the track (with the water) keep left and drop down the hole.
Token #2; Same as above, but do NOT drop down the hole, jump on to the track. Continue forward and smacsh the barrier.
Token #3; After getting the above coin, Get back on the main track, and you'll see another route behind you. Back-track down this route.
Token #4; Continue forward from the last coin, and smash through a barrier seen at the right of the track. The coin is in the middle of the huge pinball table.
Token #5; Just before the speed up, there is a 20 ring passage to the right. As well as hiding a coin, this is an excellent shortcut.

Regal Ruin Zone

This one's a killer. These ancient Egyptian remains are an archaeologistís dream (or a nightmare, depending on if you like mazes or not). The main path is pretty easy to follow, but there are many little roads and nooks which could be hiding treasure, so search well! Springs might help you out of tight spots in this course.

Location Of The Tokens -

Token #1; After the 1st turn right, there is a hump and a left turn. Go over the hump.
Token #2; Coming up to the built-up area there is a slope with two springs to the left. Jump on the second one you see.
Token #3; Just follow the track as the CPU racers do... It's pretty highup.
Token #4; Finishing the lap (almost), stick to the left on higher ground. You should see it.
Token #5; At the right of the slope mentioned for the 2nd coin. Go up some stairs and follow the path around.

Reactive Factory Zone

Here you are transported into the future! Enter the factory of tomorrow, a completely automated wonder. There is lots of room to run, but there are also many hidden surprises and traps. What appears to be a simple course is really the hardest of the four.

Location Of The Tokens -

Token #1; Continue forward from the start line, and it's behind a grey submarine.
Token #2; Now turn right around and head for the right of the track. Jump a small pool and get the coin. Head to the tower, and behind it is an entry. Hit the spring to get out quickly
Token #3; Hit the track's speed up when you see it, and when your burst of speed ends, take the right hand route and backtrack to find a coin in the track centre.
Token #4; ... And follow the route around to find another coin! That's why you should have back-tracked!
Token #5; Near the end of the track (If you stick to the track proper - the topmost routes) There is a 20 ring entry to the right of the track. It's here.

Radiant Emerald Zone

Welcome to the inside of a chaos emerald...There are two shortcuts in this course. Each one is behind a 50 ring door. If you're having trouble getting the rings for it, let one of the computer opponents open the first one. Open the second one yourself afterwards.