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Quick Info
  • Title: Popful Mail
  • System Console: Sega CD / Mega CD
  • Developer: ???
  • Japanese Release Date: ????
  • US Release Date: ????
  • European Release Date: ????
  • Genre: 2D Platformer / RPG
  • Characters: Sonic's Sister
  • First Appearances: Sonic's Sister

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    General Info
    Popful Mail
    Does anyone remember Sister Sonic? YOU DONT REMEMBER IT !!!!!!!!!!

    Well no one hardly even knew OF it.......About 1992, when the Sonic craze was near its peak, Sega planned to take the action/RPG game Popful Mail ( Sega CD ) and change it so that it instead featured Sonic's sister lost in a toy fair. Popful Mail fans were none too happy about this, though, and they petitioned to Sega not to alter the game. SoJ heard their complaints (SHOCK! Japanese game companies actually LISTEN!) and brought PM to Mega/Sega CD in its pure, unaltered form. Which was probably a good thing... I mean, if you really loved a game (I'm sure you all do), would YOU want some company taking it and changing all the characters and story? Now I see why Puyo Puyo fans are so angry about what SoA and NoA did...