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Quick Info
  • Title: Sonic Labyrinth
  • System Console: Sega Game Gear
  • Developer: Sega of Europe
  • European Release Date: October, 1995
  • Japanese Release Date: November 17, 1995
  • US Release Date: November, 1995
  • Genre: Action Puzzler / Maze
  • Characters: Sonic, Doctor Robotnik/Eggman
  • First Appearances: Super Labyrinth

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    Labyrinth Of The Sky
    Labyrinth Of The Sky

    Welcome to the great wide open! basically, the sky labyrinth is a practice board and isnt too hard. Bumpers and flippers fling you across the maze like a little blue pinball. Learn when to spin and when not to. Springs let you leap to higher levels. Badniks fire sticky wads of glue to slow you down so they can attack. Each zone contains 4 acts: 3 regular acts and the final boss. On act 4 - get as many rings as you can before hand and when you land through the tube! The boss of this board is a large Bullbot with two small marble-like bombs on his shoulders. wait for him to deploy the bombs and as they go around the room spin dash into him. Just make sure YOU dont spindash too much as not to run into the bombs. Beat the Bullbot for the Blue Chaos Emerald.


    Labyrinth Of The Sea
    Labyrinth Of The Sea

    Here's where things like the time limit get frustrating...This underwater maze has doors to secret rooms, quicksand traps and cannons to fire you over barriers. Some cannons switch directions. Press Button 1 or 2 to fire in the direction shown by the arrow. In Act 1 look out for the moving bubbles on the sea bed and use the cannons to get around. Learn the terrain carefully and plot out your moves. In Act 2 memorize which doors go where and which ones lead you in circles. Act 3 will be a little less frustrating than 2 and 1 BUT watch out for the Octobots that sit in the middle of the playing fields - they CANT be hit nop matter how hard you try, they shoot out oil slicks, impede your progress, and if you stand there long enough they shoot at you.The boss here will be a giant crab. AS SOON ZS YOU LAND from the the ring slide JUMP as 3 smaller crabs immediately attack yu.Power up your spin dash and be sure that you avoid the crabs fire. When the crab opens his shell release the spin dash and bounce into him. Its not as easy as it sounds due to the complete narrowness of the playfield. Beat the Robot Crab for the Red Chaos Emerald.


    Labyrinth Of The Factory
    Labyrinth Of The Factory

    High voltage horror! Test your speed against the magnetic conveyor belts, and BE SURE to dodge power bolts coming from the ceiling. The Red Caterkillers here ricochet around tiny, secret platforms making movement ddarn near impossible without getting hit and losing the keys - attack or use the square warp gates to get out of the way. Moving star platforms carry you from maze to maze, but beware -- some platforms explode, leaving you to plummet to a terrible fate! Look for those that explode and don't explode and learn the patterns of the platforms so you wont fall to your death. The boss here will be a bot thats carrying a large shield with spikes attached. The BEST way to play this boss and minimize damage is to stay OUT of the center aisle and onto the sides. When he shoots off the spikes one by one, wait for him to move to the lower part of the screen. When he does, spin dash into HIS BACK - not the front! Hitting his front is asking for a quick death! Repeat this until you fully beat him for the Yellow Chaos Emerald.


    Labyrinth Of The Castle
    Labyrinth Of The Castle

    Don't let the first board fool you - THIS LEVEL AINT CUTE AT ALL! The hardest and final level, the castle corridors are filled with ghosts and guillotines, arrow-firing Battle Bird soldiers and treacherous traps. Watch your step on the narrow walkways -- there are drops on either side, and it's a long way down....

    When you get to Act 4-2 THIS IS THE ORDER YOU NEED TO GO IN: You should come upon 2 doors. Go to the first door on the right and get the key. Leave and go to the door on the left and get the Power Sneakers. You'll entire an entirely new room when you leave. Hit the switch. Run until the sneakers wear off, get the second key and fall into the warphole. Go into the first door you see, when you find the narrow ledge with the robotmen spin dash all the way across to save time. When you come to the second ledge, DO NOT SPINDSAH as the ledge curves. Instead walk along the left edge. Get the third key and you should come out near where you started. Go back and repeat ALL OF THE STEPS AGAIN up until you get to the switch part. Hit the switch AGAIN and and run along with the Power Sneakers - THIS TIME though - you will find the entrance to the warphole blocked and the goal now completely visible whereas it was not before. Its the ONLY way to pass this act. As for Act 4-3 DO NOT ASK ME HOW TO PLAY THAT ! YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN ! Its the ULTIMATE labyrinth maze and is VERY frustrating. Just keep moving so your time wont run out.

    The boss of this board is the Egg-O-Matic War Blimp! Wait for the small Robotnik bombs to land and when the blimp shows up, let it drop the bomb. When it ducks down hit it! Repeat this 8 times. In its second form you will have destroyed everything but its head. Repeat the above process but this time he shoots lasers instead of dropping bombs. Destroy the head as it drops down, and when fully beaten you wil recieve the White Emerald and will have beaten the game!