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Quick Info
  • Title: Sonic Drift 2 (U.S., Japan), Sonic Drift Racing (Europe)
  • System Console: Sega Game Gear
  • Developer: Sega of Japan
  • US Release Date: March 17, 1995
  • European Release Date: March, 1995
  • Japanese Release Date: November, 1995
  • Genre: 'Kart' Racer
  • Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog (in the Cyclone), Miles "Tails" Prower (in the Whirlwind S7), Amy Rose (in the Breeze), Dr. Eggman / Doc Robotnik (in the Egg Typhoon), Knuckles The Echidna (in the Tempest), Nack The Weasel / Fang the Sniper (in the Marvelous Queen), Metal Sonic (in the Blue Devil)
  • First Appearances: The racers' cars

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    Chaos Grand Prix - Purple Choas!!!
    Emerald Hill Zone - Act One

    This is the first zone in this game and the easiest as well. Not many dangers here. The most annoying thing to watch out for are the beach balls that lay in the road. If you're having to deal with Amy or Robotnik as a competitor BEWARE as Amy will often throw here daze hearts in the middle of the road and Robotnik will pelt you with mines if you let him! Also be aware of the palm trees on the sides of the road! Going into a curve or swerving away from obstacles is one thing but crashing headlong into a tree is another!

    Hill Top Zone - Act One

    This cloud layered zone is fun up to a point....Beware the rock formations in the road as they can, at times, clutter it up and slow you down immensly! You can use them to do a bit of a bounce to go faster but if you go over them the wrong way then prapare yourself for some slowdown! Its best to have an easy rider like Tails or Knuckles here. This is also the first "no-lapping" zone in the game meaning that with each curve comes new terrain instead of constant repeated laps. So watch carefully at the road!

    Dark Valley Zone - Act One

    Beware the Dark Valley ! The Dark Valley zones are usually the most frustrating in the game for various reasons. First of all its another "no-lapping" zone so prepare yourself for something new at each turn. Secondly DO NOT GO NEAR THE SIDES OF THE TRACK !!!!!!!! Especially in curves as basically - there are no sides. You lose valuable time if you fall off the track as you have to wait to be picked up by the retractable claw that sets you back. Plus beware of the trees that lay in the center of the road. If you see a plunger - GO FOR IT immediately as most likely there's a pit in the middle of the road! And there are at least two of the buggers here.

    Casino Night Zone

    This stage is so annoying at times it can be a nightmare. Keep your speed up and dolt falter as yyou should be able to get through. Look for whoever youre going against here to pelt you with thier weapons but good. This zone is also littered with hairpin turns so watch yourself so that you don't skid off the road to a slowdown. This zone also has won the award of being the most littered zone in the whole game - TRASH APLENTY - from multiple jumpstations ala Hill Top to side crashers in the center of the road and around turns the best way to make a clear finish here is to maintain a good lead from the start.

    Desert Road Zone - Act One

    This zone is fairly easy and also introduces one of the most fun parts of the game - The huge sidewalls you can drive on !!!! This zone is fairly easy and should give you no trouble but make sure you dont get too caught up grabbing the rings off the wall and maintaining a good lead !

    Iron Ruin Zone - Final Race

    This zone is NOT easy but its nothing like the ones further on - the Iron Ruins of Mobius hold sway to some of Robotnik's flying badniks that will dive in from a distance to knock you out of the competition! You could say that its redeeming point is that its a "no-lapper" but thats taken away due to the sheer fact that turns on this track are completeley asinine - going everywhich way but straight. Slow down on hairpin turns and speed up on straightaways. Get enough rings and plaster your opponets with weapons being sure to look out for thiers! Finish in time and you'll have won the Purple Chaos Grand Prix !!!!!


    Chaos Grand Prix - White Choas!!!
    Desert Road Zone - Act Two

    Get ready folks - Its tunnel time!!!!! Welcome to the White Chaos Grand Prix! The second Desert Road is a bit harder than its predecessor. For one thing the huge sidewalls have return and the same that goes here applies to it. Feel lucky that its a no lapper because constant turning gets REALLY annoying after a few minutes of it - Your best bet: After all the turning and skidding and going up walls make beeline for first place when you get into the tunnels! Just remember that AFTER each tunnel is a turn as well !

    Rainy Savanna Zone

    Mother nature has gone screwy by flooding the roads - This zone wouldn't be that hard - not that it is - except for one thing: lightning. Driving in the rain is one thing but driving in a lightningstorm is another. Keep your balance on straightaways and try not to dodge too many of your opponets or anything they throw at you because the road is flooded in certain areas - Flooding + Fast Driving = Sure Skids ! Whereas skid traps are in one place - Lightning is another. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD because lightning strikes at any time - and when it does the whole screen goes white for a quick second - meaning you cant see !!!!

    Ice Cap Zone

    An easy restful stage be sure you take advantage of the long straightaways and be sure to get your rings along the sidewall - HOWEVER there is one stipulation to the easy - and that is the mini - snowmen that sit in the road. Bowl them over if you wish - you wont lose any rings - but you will be slowed down from your original speed

    Hill Top Zone - Act Two

    Remember the rock formations in the earlier Hill Top Zone - DOUBLE it. This zone is actually a little easier from its counterpart and theres really not that much difference. BUT if going against Amy Rose WATCH out as she has a tendency to go ballistic with her hearts....

    Mystic Cave Zone

    The first of the "underground" levels - and rest assured that NONE of them are easy....Take it easy BY ALL MEANS. Be on the lookout for stalactites in the middle of the raceway AND BY ALL MEANS keep your eyes on the road !!!! BEWARE THE EGGMAN ! His Bomb Blast attack can get QUITE annoying after having it done to you repeatedly....

    Emerald Hill Zone - Act Two: Final Race


    Chaos Grand Prix - Blue Choas!!!
    Dark Valley Zone - Act Two

    WE REPEAT - Beware the Dark Valley !!!! DO NOT GO NEAR THE SIDES OF THE TRACK !!!!!!!! Especially in curves as basically - there are no sides. You lose valuable time if you fall off the track as you have to wait to be picked up by the retractable claw that sets you back. Plus beware of the trees that lay in the center of the road. If you see a plunger - GO FOR IT immediately as most likely there's a pit in the middle of the road! And there are at least two of the buggers here. The difference in this Dark valley and the other one - LONGER CURVES, MORE OBSTCALES, AND MORE PITS. As a site note Nack is NOT a good driver on this level...

    Quake Cave Zone

    Welcome to the second of the underground raceway levels. This level is MUCH harder due to the fact that (if youre racing against him) The Eggman is ALWAYS on your tail, stalactites are VERY MUCH in the road here AND whereas the Mystic Cave had nothing - this zone has earthquakes! And with those earthquakes come tumbling rocks. take your time and be wary.

    Balloon Panic Zone

    From here on up until Milky Way, the zones lighten up somewhat - so if you're behind in ranking this and Emerald Ocean are the best places to catch up. Drive like mad here but beware the ballons that sit in the road. They can turn into an annoyance....Also another thing to note here are the VERY sharp curves - ESPECIALLY the north one. Drive fast, but drive careful and you should have no worries!

    Emerald Ocean Zone

    This is probably the funnest stage in the whole game. Look out for rocks in the road and dont fall off of the road but just take it easy and cruise! You'll need it before you reach the Milky Way zone. And remember - if you're low in ranking THIS is the BEST place to catch up.

    Milky Way Zone

    This one's a BONAFIDE DOOZY, daresay harder than the Death Egg zone itself....First of all the zone consists of nothing but sharp curves - Use that one LONE straightaway to your advantage! Second of all - THERE ARE NO SIDES TO THE TRACK. You fall off then you have a LOT of catching up to do. Especially since you have to wait for that slow claw to pick you back up. Third of all- Your opponets go ballistic on attack and defensive moves from here on up to Death Egg. If you manage to get through this zone without any mistakes then more power to you. In the final straightaway (Its a no-lapper) drive on as you come to your final stop in The Chaos Grand Prix.....

    Death Egg Zone - Final Race

    This zone is also one big headache but if you manage right it wont be too much of an issue. Straightaways do not exist except for under the nose - and thats monstrously short. EVERYTHING that was said on the Milky Way Zone goes for here EXCEPT TWO THINGS - One, There are twice as many curves due to the moustache, and Two, its a lapper - meaning you have to go through it all over again every lap unlike Milky Way. Good luck and happy racing!