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  • Title: Sonic The Hedgehog
  • US Release Date: June 23, 1991
  • Japan: ???
  • Europe: ???
  • System Console: Sega Genesis/Megadrive
  • Genre: 2D Platformer
  • Cart Size: 4 megabits
  • First Appearances: Sonic The Hedgehog, Doctor Robotnik, Badniks, Scrap Brain

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    As Carnival Island, a high-tech amusement resort on Floating Island, prepares for its grand opening, it's Knuckles' job to make sure nothing goes wrong before the big event. Robotnik, however, has designs on the Power Emerald that fuels the entire park with electricity; and he plans to use his latest invention, the Combi Confiner, to keep any annoying heroes out of his way. When Knuckles returns from patrolling the far side of the island, he finds that Robotnik has frozen all of his friends in the Combi Confiner, but by using Ring Power, he can rescue one friend at a time. It's now up to Knuckles and the Chaotix to stop the Eggman before Carnival Island's opening day....Knuckles chaotix re-introduces Mighty The Armadillo from Sonic Arcade, Espio The Chameleon, Charmy Bee, and Vector The Crocodile! released on the now defunct Sega 32X few, if any have ever played this game. But there's a rumor that it may be released on the upcoming Sonic Jam 2....

    Isolated Island Zone
    Botanic Base Zone
    Speed Slider Zone
    Amazing Arena Zone
    Marina Madness Zone
    Techno Tower Zone

    Knux and the gang received a very cold welcome, complete with harsh critical thrashing and dismal sales to go along with the later failure of the 32X. But the fact is that Chaotix could have been a good game, had more time been devoted to ironing out the kinks...and maybe designing levels that challenged the player to find creative new ways to use the moves arsenal, rather than just a lot of high-speed loops with an occasional jump to avoid a Badnik. On the surface, Chaotix plays like any other Sonic game. Run left to right, spin, and collect Rings. The primary difference is that you're connected to your partner by a band of Ring energy...imagine Sonic and Tails connected by an elastic band and you have the general idea. This opens the door for countless acrobatic moves, with alot of whipping about and tossing your partner around like a hyperkinetic rubber ball. Like Sonic 1 and Sonic CD, Special Stages opened up in the form of giant Rings at the end of each Act you completed with atleast 50 Rings (barring boss acts, of course). At any point in the Zone that you had more than 20 Rings, similar giant Rings would appear hidden around the the level, that warped you to the "falling" Bonus Stage. Each character has a different attribute: Knuckles is the all-round equal, with his standard glide and wall-climb; Mighty is the fastest, although his wall-jump maneuver is less useful than others; Espio's slow on acceleration, but a real speed demon when he's going full-pace, and his wall & ceiling walks are the best moves in the game; Vector's the slowest, but his size gives his attacks a wider range...his wall climb is identical to Knuckles'; and Charmy's small size makes it easy to avoid Badnik attacks, and he has unlimited air-time when he flies. Thanks to Sonic fan, Green Gibbon for the new info on this game! Look for a walkthrough to come soon!

    Isolated Island by Koryan

  • Story

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  • Zone Menu

  • Green Hill Zone
  • Marble Zone
  • Spring Yard Zone (Original Name - Sparkling Zone)
  • Labyrinth Zone
  • Star Light Zone
  • Scrap Brain Zone (Original Name - Clock Work Zone)
  • Final Zone
  • Special Zone (Rotating Emerald Maze)
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  • The Code Bank
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  • Different Music In Techno Tower
  • Please note that this trick can only be done with the Sega Genesis six-button controller. In Techno-Tower Zone, Acts 1 and 2, go in a bonus stage, then leave. Right when the screen goes from white to the zone, PRESS PAUSE IMMEDIATELY! This will let you play with different music from another Zone for the rest of the act!
  • Playing Tips
  • When choosing characters it's best to consider what you need for the next level. For example, if you're after raw speed the combination of Mighty and Espio can't be beat. For power, Heavy and Espieo are your best bet, and for moments when you need both (like fighting bosses) try Charmie and Heavy.
  • No More Bungee In Marina Madness !!!!
  • In Marina Madness Zone, get rid of your partner. Then quickly find a yellow ship button that will move a ship. Step on it, and you will play without the bungee cord for the rest of the act.
  • Tempo Control
  • On the Sound Test screen you can use buttons X and Y to select MONO or STEREO sound and change the tempo of the music.

    First Appearances: Mighty The Armadillo, Vector The Crocodile, Espio The Chameleon, Heavy, Bomb, Charmy Bee, Metal Sonic, Hyper Metal Sonic, Happyland Amusement Park, Renfield T. Rodent

    Comic Adaption: Title: "The Chaos Effect"
    Writer: Mike Kanterovich And Ken Penders
    Artist: Art Mawhinney

    Summary: Meet the Chaotix: Mighty The Armadillo, Vector The Crocodile, Espio The Chameleon, Heavy And Bomb, And Charmy Bee!!!! All the major Freedom Fighters on Mobius, it seems, have been invited to attend a party at the Happyland Amusement Park on The Floating Island! But things aren't on the up and up as the owner, Renfield T. Rodent, escorts Sonic and the Knothole gang into the hall of mirrors which promptly sucks them all into an alternate dimension and takes away Knuckles depleting his claws and shortening his locks!! Three guesses who's behind it all, and the first two don't count...Armed with a cache of stolen Power Gems Knuckles And The Chaotix start all the amusement park rides at once to get Robotnik's attention, and instead get Metal Sonic - Who gets a little power on his own, especially when he turns red and becomes Hyper Metal Sonic!!!!

    Thanks to our new Games Page Assistant Vector we will have a new COMPLETE Walkthrough For Knuckles Chaotix coming soon! For right now, be happy with the descriptions of the zones! Stay tuned! :)

  • Isolated Island Zone

  • You go through this stage each time you begin a new game. Use this area to practice your moves and grab all the Rings you can. Stand over holograms to open gates.

  • Botanic Base Zone

  • Natural geometric shapes sprout from the plants blanketing every inch of the massive Botanic Base greenhouse attraction.

  • Speed Slider Zone

  • Strange aircraft dot the skyline above the massive Speed Slider rollercoaster. The only rule here is speed, and ALOT of it.

  • Amazing Arena Zone

  • Bright colors and giant clocks are the key features in the wacky Amazing Arena funhouse. The only way to complete the Zone is to locate the "ON" button and set the clocks ticking in each Act.

  • Marina Madness Zone

  • Leisure seacraft of all sizes shift with the waves at the massive Marina Madness dock. Towers with rounded tops stand against the crystal bay.

  • Techno Tower Zone

  • The bright sands of the desert span for as far as the eye can see. Height is they key word at the Techno Tower attraction, and the only way to go is up.

  • The Special Stage - Off The Wall

  • You're thrown into the inside of a giant, five-sided tube, where each wall thinks it's the center of gravity. Bright colors create a hypnotizing world, where the object is to collect enough Blue Spheres before reaching the goal.

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