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  • Title: Sonic & Tails 1: Sonic Chaos
  • US Release Date: June 23, 1991
  • Japan: ???
  • Europe: ???
  • System Console: Game Gear/Master System
  • Genre: 2D Platformer
  • Cart Size: 8 bits
  • First Appearances: None

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  • Story And Intro

    Welcome to Sonic Chaos - originally titled in Japan as the first of the 2 game Sonic & Tails series for Game Gear! Umile Sonic 2 Game Gear which oly featured Tails in cameos - this was the first Game Gear game where you can play as either Sonic with his super speed, or Tails with his twin-tail flying ability! The zones here include The Turquoise Hill Zone, The Gigaopolis Zone, The Sleeping Egg Zone, The Mecha Green Zone, The Aqua Planet Zone, and the final confrontation - the Electric Egg Zone!

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    Mega Man 2 - Wood Man

    South Islands in BIG trouble! Defeat after defeat after defeat - Dr. Robotnik's going right for the source: The Chaos Emeralds themselves!! He's already gotten the red one, somehow throwing the others into a parallel universe. The shift in power balance has caused South Island to start sinking into the ocean! It's up to Sonic and Tails to collect the remaining Chaos Emeralds and recover the red one from Robotnik before South Island and all its inhabitants go for a looong swim...

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  • The Code Bank

  • Various codes, cheats, tricks and loopholes to get the most out of your game! But remeber - cheating spoils half the fun! ^_^
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  • Level Select
  • At the title screen press Up, Up, Down, Down, Right, Left, Right, Left, Start.
  • Sound Test
  • At the title screen, press Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Right, Left, Right, 1, 2, Start.
  • Sonic Fireball
  • At the sound test menu, press Down, Down-Right, Right, 2. You can now throw a fireball while playing.

  • Zone Menu

    Listed below is the zone menu for Sonic & Tails 1: Sonic Chaos. Click on the name of the corresponding zone to be taken to the respective area of our thorough walkthroughs area for any information that we have on it, from stats, to bosses, to descriptions. Also included is information on how to get the accompanying Chaos Emeralds. Special thanks to Sonic fan Katt for help in completing this walkthrough.

  • Turquoise Hill Zone
  • Gigaopolis Zone
  • Sleeping Egg Zone
  • Mecha Green Hill Zone
  • Aqua Planet Zone
  • Electric Egg Zone
  • Turquoise Hill Zone

  • This zone is pretty easy and straightforward. There are limited enemies here. The only real danger is falling on spikes, so watch out for that. The boss of this stage is a large version of the bounce badniks you meet up with within the zone. He's just as easy as well. Just jump over him and peg him with continuous spin dashes. Eight hits will do him in.

    Chaos Emerald #1 (Blue): Special Stages in Sonic Chaos are small zones in which you are timed for a race to an emerald. Usually, inside every zone is a race to get the next one. This one is really easy. Just grab the rocket shoes at the start, and try to keep yourself centered vertically while moving forward. You should fly right into the emerald!

    Neat little zone we got here. It's just as easy as Turquoise Hill Zone too. Be careful on the slanted platforms. You must run across them at full speed to make it or else you'll fall through it and there's a good chance you'll hit spikes underneath. The boss of this zone is quite a bit harder than the last one. A gigantic blue Caterkiller will come out of the ground. It will fire it's body parts off. Run under the bouncing first part, jump the second part that he shoots straight at you, and jump over the bouncing third part. Peg him in the head before he reforms. Six hits will kill him off.

    Chaos Emerald #2 (Yellow): Jump up on the ledge by the starting point, then work your way up the small zig-zagging ledges above you. Don't be afraid to take your time, because if you fall off you'll have to start over from the bottom! If you can't find the next ledge, try pressing up or down on the D-pad to look above or below. Once you reach a clock monitor, you should see see a larger ledge to your right with a portable springboard on it. You can use this to reach the ledge that is above and to the right of it by bouncing near it while you're on the springboard and jumping off at the height of the bounce. Use the springboard there to bounce to the next ledge, then use the bounce-and-jump technique again to reach the long ledge to your left. You'll find the emerald there!

  • Gigaopolis Zone

  • Sleeping Egg Zone

  • You have to be careful in this zone. Platforms you stand on sometimes aren't platforms but are disguised holes instead. Those platforms without grass on them are the holes while the ones with grass are regular platforms. The boss of this stage is a little bit tricky. He's a bouncing egg bot that shoots 4 plasma shots forward every time he jumps up. The best thing to do is stay to the left until he bounces and shoots twice. Then, spindash under him the third time he bounces just before he shoots. Hit him in the back continously. Just as he is about to jump on top of you, spin dash back to the left. Repeat this pattern until you have hit him 8 times. He will explode and you will be free to move onto the next zone.

    Chaos Emerald #3 (Green): This one is crazy and you need a GOOD EYE to catch it. When you enter this level, you'll see an invincibility monitor blocking the opening one of those annoying warp tubes. Break open the monitor and go into the tube. You will go through a series of loops before emerging near another tube. There's an invincibility monitor blocking the entrance again. Break open the monitor and enter the tube like before. You'll go through several tubes like this, all except the last one exactly identical to one another. Pay attention to this. It will help you to tell when you're in the last tube. When you reach an unfamiliar turn, hold up on the D-pad. You should enter a junction that will drop you next to the emerald.

    Robotnik has shifted into full gear - he's "roboticised" (for lack of a better word) an entire zone! Even more important the famous Green Hill Zone from MANY of the Sonic Games which has now undergone a cool slick metal makeover! At a lot of places in this zone you can break through the ground with a good jump. There may be more power-ups down below, so search carefully. Other than the slanted bridges again, this zone is pretty easy. The boss here is just as simple. A floating Eggbot will try to fire three lasers at you at different levels, the bottom, middle, and top of the screen respectively. Then he will fly back to the bottom and repeat the process. Be careful when you hit him. Beneath him are layers of spikes with one hole in the middle, so when you hit him try not to fall on the spikes. The easiest way to take him out is to jump on him when he's down low and keep bouncing up and down on him. This way, you'll keep hitting him without worrying about his shots and when he explodes you'll fall in that hole between the spikes where you'll be safe. Eight hits kills this dude.

    Chaos Emerald #4 (White): Getting more difficult now, this level is a mad dash to the upper right edge of the board. Use the rocket shoes to get ahead, holding up and right on the directional pad until they run out for maximum distance. Partway through the level, you will reach what look like stairs with a spring that points to the left on each step. You can get past this spot by jumping on top of the springs as if they were ledges and being careful not to run into the spring on the step in front of you. In several other places, you may encounter another annoying obsticle, in the form of a downward slope that ends abruptly in a high wall. To get past this, spindash at the top of the slope, then jump just as you start to move downward. Your speed should carry you up to the top of the wall. This move is somewhat difficult to perform. Above all, try to think fast here, because you'll need every second you can get. The emerald is on a ledge in the upper right corner. I don't think you can reach it without rocket shoes. You can find some in the general vacinity of the ledge, a ways left of the nearby collapsing floor...

  • Mecha Green Hill Zone

  • Aqua Planet Zone

  • All right! A water zone! Hey, wait a minute, there's no water here! We got shammed! Oh well. This zone is a heck of an easy one with no underwater action to worry about. The boss here, much like the others, is simple to begin with - but has numerous forms. About 6 little egg bouncers come at you. Just nab them all. Then, all of a sudden, a giant egg bouncer drops from the sky! He falls to the middle of the screen and uses the same technique as the Sleeping Egg Zone boss, except he only fires one shot. Your technique is different though. Go all the way to the right side of the screen. Stay there until he reaches your position. He gets close to crushing you, but can't because of the limited space. When he comes down, jump on him and continue to bounce on him until you've taken eight hits away. He will then fly up and his top half will detach from his bottom half. Six missles will then shoot out of the bottom half. The first three will come from the left and land at the left, the middle, and the right of the screen respectively. The other three will come from the right and will blow up at the right, the middle, and the left respectively. Dodge them all. Then, the egg bouncer will come down a little ways. Smash him now, and one hit will kill this form. He then explodes and you can go on to the last stage.

    Chaos Emerald #5 (Purple): This one is incredibly hard and frustrating and may take several tries to complete successfully. You'll have to work your way through a complicated maze of high-speed tubes in order to reach the room that holds the emerald. Fortunately, to save you hours of pulling your hair out, I've solved the maze for you. Enter the tube in front of you and hold right on the directional pad until you enter a pipe near the top of the maze that is zig-zagging up and down, then hold down and left. If you did it correctly, you should be spat out into a new room and be careening towards a springboard. Jump *immediately* or you will hit the spring and go bouncing right back into the tube (argh!). Timing is CRUCIAL here, and it may take many, many, many tries just to make it past that bloody spring. Once you've successfully cleared this annoying springloaded obsticle, head past it and to the left, and you should find the emerald awaiting your grasp. .

  • Electric Egg Zone
  • The final zone - and here's where things start getting crazy. Those annoying @$$ warp tubes all around the place and some of them lead to power-ups. Some of them however, lead to sudden death so be very careful and choosy about which warp tube you take. There are also mine carts that you can ride that will take you to power-ups or death, so be very careful in this zone. Slanted bridges are here too, most of which have spikes planted underneath. When you reach Act 3, jump in the first mine cart and travel down the hill. Just as it reaches the end, jump on the small platform and take the warp tube above it to 4 ten ring monitors. You'll need these, as you travel on to the final boss....Doc Robotnik! No special stage for this emerald - the Red Emerald. Just beat Eggman at the end of the game with the other five emeralds, and it's yours.

    In his first form, he'll come in a small walking mech. Jump on top of him and keep bouncing on top. He'll shoot lasers, some of which will bounce around the room. It's almost positive you'll get hit unless you get lucky. Be prepared and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A RING - A WHOPPING Twenty-four hits will do this form in. Then, he'll come at you in his second and final form. The bottom of his mech will grow larger. First, he'll fly to the left at the top of the screen. Then, he'll zoom from left to right at the bottom of the screen. Jump him for now. Then, he'll come in a downwards arc from either side. He may do this twice. Hit him now! One hit will kill him in this form. Now, watch tubby try to run away from you. He'll jump on top a platform and escape. (how can that thing stay together with that much weight on it?) Congratulations! You've beaten the game! Now sit back and enjoy the credits! You'll now be able to see Sonic running and jumping inside a chaos emerald during the credits. Wow, I hear you say. At least it isn't a 'Try Again.'