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Sonic X Premier Date! - Project Blue Gale 1/26/03
The new Sonic anime series, Sonic X, premieres in Japan on April 3, at 6:00 PM, and from that point every Thursday at six. It will be airing on TV Tokyo.

Source: *The Sonic Foundation*

Source: *TV-Anime.info*


New Sonic TV series! - The Shadow Fan 1/23/03
I just got a brochure of the new sonic tv series today! All i have to say this series is gonna kick! japanese style sonic means fast and a lot of action! so far there are 26 episodes each 30 minutes long produced by TMS

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Sonic #119 Out Today - True Red 1/22/03
Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog #119 is in comic shops today.

Source: Diamond Comics

More Sonic X pics/info - True Red 1/21/03
From Sonic Dimension:

More pics at the link above.

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New Rare Chao and Merchandise from Sonic Team at the World Hobby Fair - Nz17 1/20/03
For the lucky folk with a copy of Sonic Advance 1 and/or 2 who can attend the World Hobby Fair, Sonic Team has some rare Chao and nice merchandise for you, as well as a contest and photo op...

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First 'Screen' of Sonic Anime (Sonic 'X') - grap3fruitman & Luckettx 1/19/03

Anyway, is this Super Sonic? A fusion? Shadow? A new hedgehog?

I'm sure we'll find out soon, since the rest of the text suggests the anime could be airing as soon as 'Spring'.

Source: Game Watch (in Japanese)

Sega of America' s President/COO Resigns - True Red 1/19/03
From Swirlvision:

Peter Moore, Sega of America's president and chief financial officer, resigned today after 4 years with the company. Because of company policy, the reasons for his resignation remain undisclosed. The press release:

SEGA of America Announces New President and CEO
Friday January 17, 4:20 pm ET

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 17, 2003--SEGA® of America, Inc. today announced that Peter Moore, president and chief operating officer, has tendered his resignation. Effective immediately, Tetsu Kayama, chief operating officer of SEGA Corporation, will assume the expanded role of president and chief executive officer of SEGA of America, Inc.

"We thank Peter Moore for his four years of service at SEGA and wish him well in his future endeavors," said Tetsu Kayama, chief operating officer, SEGA Corporation and president and chief executive officer, SEGA of America, Inc.

Press Release Source: SEGA of America, Inc.

Source: Swirlvision

Sonic Pinball Party Details - True Red 1/19/03
From Swirlvision:

New information regarding Sega's upcoming pinball game for Gameboy Advance! Sonic Pinball Party will feature the familiar cast from the Sonic universe, like Tails, Amy, Dr. Robotnik (Eggman), and even Chaos! Also, characters from Sonic Team's other hits, like Samba (from Samba de Amigo) and Nights himself will be making an appearance.

The game will even have music variations from familiar titles: Phantasy Star Online, Samba de Amigo, Burning Rangers, and more!

Link-up compatibility with Sonic Advance 2 and the upcoming Sonic Adventure DX for Gamecube round out the goodies.

Sonic Pinball Party is due for release in Summer.

Source: Swirlvision

Sonic Adventure DX & Sonic Pinball Party screens - rocketdarkness 1/17/03
From Planet Gamecube:

Sonic Adventure DX
Sonic Adventure was Sonic the Hedgehog's first 3D game on Dreamcast, a pretty major event. Combining speedy platform gaming with exploration with characater-interaction, Sonic Adventure allowed you to play as Sonic and his many friends in a game that was simply huge. As of yet, there are no details on if/how much the game will be updated for the GameCube.

Sonic Pinball Party
Do you like Sonic? Do you like pinball? Well Sonic Pinball Party is set to offer up a host of different pinball levels based on Sonic characters, and NiGHTS is making a special guest appearance.

Source: Planet Gamecube

Upcoming Sonic anime series - AstroboyX 1/15/03
Okay, here's the deal. I go to art school and we get some cartoon industry magazines. In one, I found this promo for the Sonic Anime TV show coming this fall. The NATPE is a bunch of TV execs who get together to have what is kind of like E3 for cartoons. This is a poster for the execs (4kids entertainment, Warner Brothers, etc) to sell the show to an American distributor. It's animated by Tokyo Movie Shinsa who did everything frrm Ducktales and Muppet Babies to Batman the Animated Series and Bionic Six. Apparently Shadow's back and we see Cream and Cheese as characters. I blurred out the contact numbers so that they don't get overwhelmed with phone calls from everybody, but a nice guy at their U.S. offices said that the show is still in development and they don't have any production sketches or footage yet. If you're in the US and can find a copy of Animation Magazine's February issue, turn to page 19. You can check out animationmagazine.net if you want to get a February issue.

Note: Do not confuse this with the possible Sonic movie as they are two entirely different things.

New Dreamcast Bundle Released in Europe - True Red 1/13/03
From Swirlvision:

Sega of Europe has issued a new Dreamcast bundle. Up until recently, the package included a Dreamcast console, one controller, one VMU, Virtua Fighter 3tb, Metropolis Street Racer, and Jet Set Radio. MSR and JSR (not JGR- Sega of Europe stayed with the Japanese title) have been dropped and replaced with Confidential Mission and Phantasy Star Online along with the Dreamkey 3.0 which is still available for free from SoE.

Both bundles are still available. The older one is GBP 105 (about $150) and the newer one is GBP 100 (about $142). Considering how difficult it is to come by new Dreamcasts these days, this is a fantastic deal. You can pick them up from most online European stores however, some, will not ship outside of the EU. Be sure to ask before ordering.

Source: Swirlvision

A possibility of fans being involved in the Sonic movie - Project Blue Gale 1/10/03
From Ken Penders:

How Would You Like To Be In The Sonic Movie?

This one is being batted around, but if all goes according to plan, we could end up with a contest where some lucky guy and girl will each win a small part in the Sonic film.

Not only that, but we may also do a runner-up contest where a character designed by a fan may end up in one of the Robotropolis segments. Needless to say, any drawings submitted would become the property of the production, waivers would have to be signed, especially if we wanted to include them on the eventual DVD release.

At this moment, do not submit anything at this time. I will post all the information once all the details are ironed out. This is more or less to let you guys know the fans are being listened to, and we do want to involve you guys where we can.

Oh, yeah, one other thing: Amy Rose, Rotor and Antoine do appear in the script. They're just not major characters this time out.

Source: Ken's Comic Book Stories & Art

UK sonic advance 2 & Sonic mega collection release dates - Jake Lawrence 1/10/03
On www.amazon.co.uk you can pre-order Sonic advance 2 & Sonic mega collection now.

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Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Pinball Party Confirmed by SEGA - SonicMegaDrive 1/9/03
The long-rumored Sonic Adventure 1 remake for GameCube is finally happening, according to *Nintendophiles*.

News: Sega Confirms Sonic Adventure DX For 2003

Sega has once again updated their schedule today. Sonic Adventure DX, originally on the Dreamcast, is being confirmed for the GameCube in 2003. This remake should have the same type of changes that we saw for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. While it is being called a port by Sega, it should include many additions and changes. Sonic Pinball Party for Game Boy Advance is now being named for 2003 as well. With both games being scheduled for the summer of 2003 in Japan, it is safe to assume they will also arrive this year in the U.S.

That makes the grand total of new Sonic games for 2003: 4! The games announced so far are: Sonic Advance 2, Sonic Pinball Party for Gameboy Advance, and Sonic Adventure DX, and an unknown Sonic title(To be announced in May by Sonic Team)for the Gamecube(Possibly other systems, as well). Looks to be a very grand year, indeed!

Source: *Nintendophiles*

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Sonic Specials offered again - True Red 1/8/03
According to Diamond Comics, Archie is selling the following issues again:
  • Sonic Super Special #8: Zone Wars
  • Sonic Super Special #9: Sonic Kids 2
  • Sonic Super Special #10: Crossover Chaos
  • Sonic Super Special #11: Girls Rule
  • Sonic Super Special #12: Turnabout Heroes
  • Sonic Super Special #13: Sonic Adventure
  • Sonic Super Special #14: Best of Times, Worst of Times
  • Sonic Super Special #15: Naugus Games
If you want them, ask for them to be ordered for you if you don't see them in your comic shop.

Source: Diamond Comics

Full Sonic #121 Spoilers - True Red 1/3/03

"Prince and the Revolution": St. John and Hershey have finally tracked Prince Elias Acorn down... but so have Robotnik's forces. Naturally, Sonic and the Freedom Fighters are on their way to save him and take him back... but will the Prince join them willingly? SCRIPT: Benny Lee ART: Ron Lim (pencils) with Jim Amash and Pam Eklund (inks).

"Afterlife, Pt. 1": Knuckles speak to his ancestors, the Guardians of the Floating Island, in the Afterlife... but what about? SCRIPT: Ken Penders ART: Art Mawhinney (pencils) and Ken Penders (inks).

"Song Bird": Mina is forced on stage by Sonic, who believes she can sing her heart out. Is he right or will the song fade out early? SCRIPT: Romy Chacon ART: Steven Butler (pencils) and Jim Amash (inks)

Sources: Silver Bullet Comics, Ken's Comic Book Stories & Art, & Westfield Comics

Sonic #122 and #123 Spoilers - True Red 1/2/03

Written by Karl Bollers and Ken Penders, art by J. Axer, Conor Tomas, Art Mawhinney and Dawn Best.

"Heart Held Hostage," part one. The Sonic/Mina/Sally triangle comes to a head in this intriguing tale. Sally has been noticing Mina's attraction towards Sonic for many months now - and unfortunately she suspects that the feeling is mutual. Before she can confront them about their relationship, however, bounty hunter extraordinaire, Nack the Weasel, kidnaps her. "Afterlife," part two. This introspective story finds Knuckles pondering the early events of his past - from his parent marriage to his infancy. Finally, Julie-Su and Vector the Crocodile have - a heart to heart?

32 pages, $2.19, in stores on April 2.


Written by Karl Bollers and Ken Penders, art by J. Axer, Conor Tomas, Art Mawhinney and Pam Eklund.

"Heart Held Hostage," part two. After Nack the Weasel and his bounty hunter crew kidnap Sally, Sonic and Mina set out to rescue her together. Things get dicey as danger levels get high for the two girls Sonic cares about most in life. The conclusion to last issue's story will force Sonic to choose between Mina and Sally once and for all in a tale that can't be missed. "Afterlife," part three. Knuckles continues to reflect upon his past and how he was groomed to become the Guardian of the Floating Island. "The Last Robian." A mystery has engulfed the entire planet of Mobius - all the Roboticized Mobians have disappeared.

32 pages, $2.19, in stores on April 30.

Source: Comics Continuum

Sonic Foundation is back - Sonic Boom 1/1/03
Good news every one. The website The Sonic Foundation is back online at www.sonicfoundation.org.

Source: *Sonic Foundation*


New Sonic at E3 - Lothar Hex 12/27/02
From VideoGamesLife.com:

Sonic Team are in for a choc-a-block year ahead, according to the team's gaming genius, Yuji Naka, in the latest issue of Dorimaga.

With speculation running out of control these last few months, the head of Sonic Team has finally let the hedgehog out of the bag promising an all new Sonic game for the E3 show, to run between the 13th and 15th of May [2003].

In addition to this, the team will also be making their presence felt on the PS2 at last, with a new game to be announced for the machine. What form this game will take, though, is a mystery, with even Naka unclear. Expressing his desire to work on another format, having worked on the GBA, GameCube and Xbox last year, Naka himself spoke of the possiblilty of the award winning Phantasy Star Online coming to PS2 (following on from the Dreamcast, PC, GameCube and Xbox versions), although didn't rule out a new development.

One thing it definately won't be, however, is a sequel to Saturn classic and hardcore favourite, NiGHTS. The team have told Nintendo Dream magazine that there are still no plans for a follow up to the game.

Source: VideoGamesLife.com

Sonic #118 Out Today - True Red 12/26/02
Archie's Sonic The Hedgehog #118 is out in comic shops today.

Source: Diamond Comics