James 'Popcorn' Duffy
Hello, it's me again! Thanks for posting my old SA2 wishlist-- and for saying it's the best you've ever seen! Great! ;D

Aaaanyway. So-- what do I think of SA2? Well, I think it's fantastic, and probably my favourite Sonic title of all time! The removal of the action stages has really helped to simplify things and provide a tighter game, allowing for more quality and quantity in the action department. Both Shadow and Rouge have proved to be excellent new additions to the Sonic universe, and the whole emblem system has been stretched to its absolute limit (plus there's a decent reward this time ;). Each type of gameplay has been tweaked and tightened to the maximum of perfection, the story's fab, and the 2-player mode is as addictive as hell on toast (although it could've benefited from a few more levels). All in all, it's excessively smashing. ;)

There are problems with it, though, but most of them stem from my status of overly sad Sonic Team freak than actual design flaws. The most common critiscm cocerns 'Tails in a mech', and I'd have to agree-- I really missed flying over the level and zipping along the ground, tails a-twirling. While it was obviously necessary for Tails to be in a mech, for reasons to numerous to explain here-- although I'd quite happily detail my theories at some other point, should you want me to ;) -- I'm still not entirely happy with it. But it was either put Tails in a mech or leave him out altogether, from a game design standpoint (since Eggman HAS to be in a mech and no-one else could possibly provide an adequate counterpart for him). It's tricky, but I guess we'll have to live with it. Additionally, was anyone else frustrated by the fact that at no point in the game does Sonic fight Eggman? I was. In any case, as I say, my problems with the game are more concerned with the fact that it goes against so many Sonic traditions than anything else, but still-- you asked. ;)

Thanks for listening. See you next survey!


Aaron Griesser
I think SA2 is very interesting and crative. Shadow and Rogue seem like very cool characters to be able to play with. I thinks it's a good creation and it should live up to the hype. The only thing I would do differently is add Metal Sonic as a playable character.

Victor Guy
Dear Vec,

I think puttin' SA2 into stages was a great idea. I kept gettin' stuck not knowin' where to go & what to do In SA1. I also think that it has much better ghraphics too. SA2Battle was even better! My best friend & I would spend hours battlin' each other. The best part of that was the special charecters you put in to use & how you gave them stats. Believe me, I'm prob not your biggest fan, but w/out Sonic, I never would have met my best friend. Thanks! Sincerely'
Victor Guy


And I thought Sonic Adventure was awesome. I have had the Dreamcast for nearly a month now. I am a fan of Mario, but the Sonic Adventure game outdid any of the Mario adventure games. I think the second game did one up on the first, with the introduction of Shadow. It was sad to see the ending when Shadow did not return. I keep thinking to myself what if Shadow didn't die? I think he could be a good ally for Sonic and the rest. I don't think Dr. Robotnik a/k/a Eggman would turn from his evil ways. Both Sonic games were superbly done. You could probably make a novel out of each game, the plots and subplots. Both Sonic games have batted 1.000, and this is coming from a Mario fan. May this new era of Sonic games get better and better. I'm not ashamed to say I llike both Sonic and Mario equally. Go Sonic!!

I think if sega are goning to make a Sonic Adventure 3 they should do this,

1. There could be more characters. Example: The Chaotix,Metal Knuckles,Metal Sonic etc.

2. There could be more Adventure fields and some interactions with homans. Example: Find a womans dog,get a boy ice cream etc.

3. Robotnik should be a background character and be replaced with...Robo Robootnik! Maybe he could even be killed off!

4. Maybe Mario could be in the game as a secret character!

5. Maybe each characters adventure fields and action fields could be ENTIRELY different!

P.S I hope Robotnik hasn't turned good after SA2!


First of all, I know nobody cares about my opinion, but I have to speak out about this abomination, I am very dissapointed about this game. The racing mode left much to be desired, as did the story. The way I see it, the whole game would be so much beter if they eliminated the different types of levels. I love Knuckles, but I hardly wanted to play once I saw the only thing he does was treasure hunt. In the 2D games, everyone had the same levels, (Which isn't always a good thing) but at least there was more to do. After the first 3 levels, I could tell this game is probally a waste of time. Now not everything was bad, I'll admit, like the Chao garden, which was pretty cool with the karate and the racing. I expected the racing to be more like Mario Kart, with weapons, and different course themes and not playing on a bridge every time.

But honestly, why whould anyone play so long to get all the emblems and all the A rank missions. I admit the hero and dark side was alright, as was the boss attack modes. They could have had some better charecters and the storyline wasn't good at all. One of the things I missed most was playing Super Sonic, or Hyper Knuckles, or Turbo Tails, (They did exsist) in the regular levels. They all exsisted, and that was the escense, (did I spell that right?) of the old games. I realize this is very hard to create in 3D on gamcube or Dreamcast, but they could have tried.

Call me old fashioned, but these games just don't appeal to me like they used to.



  • I am annoyed about Tails in a robot because it takes away his most known ability-flying. Also they should have left in the Adventure Field from Sonic Adventure because it added a nice touch to the game. However the graphics are better and the character's theme tunes have been improved. Also the idea of being on Eggman's side is cool.

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  • The game is pure speed!The best game I played yet. - askamgene

  • I thought It was a very good game. I like the fact of how you dont pick the characters anymore you go along with the story line. I thought the game was GREAT. - Tenchi Kawaii

  • SA2 is the coolest game I've played! Shadow is now my favorite character. And the music is perfect! - ShadowGunner

  • i like sa2 better than any sonic game. ive played every single game [yes even that one only in japan plus hes my idol] - KATPOSEY

  • i think sonic adventure 2 is an amazing game
    the graphics are a bit differant from sonic adventure 1 like now knuckles does not look as cuddly as before Mike Gowland

  • I thought it was awsome, but very short. I was a bit dissapointed about how quick I beat the biolizard. - Vector Croc

  • Well, I liked Sonic Adventure 2. It had an exciting storyline, and great gameplay. But, I still wish they made a game for the comic book characters. - Nathan

  • hi sa2 is my favorite game except i wish you could choose the exact character.An example would be after beating City Escape and BigFoot then going straight tothe part when sonic was in jail an Amy saves him. - JJO712

  • sa2 Is possibly the single BEST Sonic game, and on of the best games i've ever played. - ChessMate26