img177.gif | 6/16/02 | 38 KB
Artist: Secman

The first ever hoax (as far as I know) that has Robotnik as one of the playable characters! Thanks to SecMan for this amazingly original hoax.

Categories:character-hoax, technical-hoax, joke, screenshot
Keywords:sonic, eggman


img196.gif | 6/16/02 | 11 KB
Artist: Secman

These two pictures to the right were sent to me by SecMan. The first one is a boss from Sonic 1 in Sonic Crackers.

Categories:character-hoax, technical-hoax, screenshot
Keywords:sonic, tails, eggman


img197.gif | 6/16/02 | 7 KB
Artist: Secman

The second one is another Sonic 1 level select hoax. This time it has more zones in it.

Categories:fake-menu, technical-hoax, screenshot