"What I'm Made Of" analysis - November 5, 2004
Submitted by: oo Super Sonic oo / SonicStarH
Subject: "What I'm Made Of" analysis


The song "What I'm Made Of" is controversial. It is a two-sided coin. Some people will say its Metal Sonic's theme, and some will say its Super Sonic's / Team Super's. If both sides were in an argument, the pro-Metal people will most likely own the pro-Super people, because of three things:

1. The song sounds too angry and full of rage.
2. On the sound test of Sonic Heroes, it labels the song as just "Metal Overlord."
3. On the lyrics booklet for the vocal album, a silhouette of Metal Sonic is shown in the background of the lyrics page for WIMO.

Now, here's where I come in. Note that this is just my opinion and my thoughts on the song.

I think its Team Super's theme. Yeah, I know the title should be "What We're Made Of" if its their theme. Well, look at Team Rose's theme. It is spoken in first person, and all that song ever talks about is Amy's annoying obsession for Sonic. Well, in this case, Team Super's leader is Super Sonic, right? Get what I'm saying here?

As for Metal Sonic, I can't see how WIMO's his theme. I just can't. It doesn't fit him at all, except for one part: the pre-chorus.

A few days ago, I started to wonder why some people think so. So, with that, I wrote up a song analysis, basically pointing out that its Super's. I posted this at two message boards, and got a mixed reaction...most of it pro-Metal (well, at least, at one MB).

Here's the song analysis. I'm going to use statements said by the pro-Metal people. Don't worry, there will be nothing offensive in here.


I don't care what you're thinking
As you turn to me
Cause what I have in my two hands
Is enough to set me free

Sonic uses the Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic, to set him free.

Now one guy said that this reflects Metal Sonic breaking free from Eggman. Um, is there a scene showing him do that in SH? If there was, I would have thought the same.

Also, since when Sonic has turned to Metal? As far as I know, he never saw him since Sonic CD until now.

I could fight the feeling
To resist it over time
But when it's just too much to take
You sneak up from behind

Sonic can defeat normal enemies without the use of the Emeralds. But for big bad ones like Perfect Chaos, he's forced to.

For Metal, he resisted the urge to rebel against Eggman for a while. Do we really know that? I mean, he could've gotten the urge to do it and went for it right away.

Is it me, you say, you're looking for
Let me show you who I am and what I'm here for... here for...

Now this is where it only fits Metal. For most of the game's story, he disguised himself as Eggman, trying to collect Sonic's, Shadow's, and Chaos' life data. In the Last story, he reveals himself.

On the other hand, Sonic's saying that if Metal's looking for a fight, then he's got one.

Try to reach inside of me, try to drain my energy
Let me show you just what I'm made of
Simple curiosity tries to take a bite of me
Let me show you just what I'm made of now...

Super Sonic tries to use his energy to show what he's made of. "Simple curiosity" means Sonic knows Metal can't defeat him.

The chorus doesn't fit Metal. The third line does, admittedly. But showing what you're made of, in general, means that you have the skills to solve problems and that you can solve a new problem as well. In this case, Super Sonic has defeated many enemies before. Has Metal defeated anyone?

Like a million faces
I've recognized them all
And one by one they've all become
A number as they fall
In the face of reason
I can't take no more
One by one they've all become
A black mark on the floor

Super Sonic reminiscing on the defeated enemies of his; Perfect Chaos, FinalHazard, Eggman's mechs. He's telling Metal that he will fall like the rest.

Percent chance of this fitting Metal: 0%, IMO. I just can't see how it fits him. Though, some people say that this meant Sonic and his friends had wrecked robots whom are Metal's friends. Sorry, but I doubt Metal cared for anyone.

You can take another life long try
You can take another try...

I'm not going to bother with this.


There you have it. And as for the three things above...

1. It doesn't sound that angry to me, just more serious than the other themes. Sonic can be serious if he wants to. Just look at episode 26 and 51 of Sonic X.
2. I think the reason it says "Metal Overlord" because it means it plays in the battle with him.
3. See #2.