Sonic Issues: Why Sonic Is Failing 3 - April 3, 2000
Submitted by: Sonique - Written by DCX Liquid Rain
Subject: Thoughts on the cause/effect of the downfall of Sonic The Hedgehog

Yes you read the subject title - there is NO flaming in this email!

That is because I agree WHOLE HEARTEDLY that Sonic has gone downhill!

I have not read the comics myself, but have been a loooooongtime fan of Sonic, and specifically Sonic SatAM. (every other Sonic cartoon blows goats) And I have to say, Sonic has been in decline. I just never realized it until now, with your help. :) All the old Sonic quips of SatAM fame ("way past cool", etc.) shouldn't have been dumped in Sonic Adventure... and (well, if this IS Sega's motif, like you said) they don't want Sonic to cry, well.. DAMMIT.. the most powerful SatAM pieces are when Sonic himself would cry or (kind of) breakdown! When the Hedgehog himself goes... you know it's bad.

Sonic's Adventure character... was more like a half-assed Sonic. You know, he was stubborn and still a "solo" sorta guy... but he was lacking his (aforementioned) tradermark comments and there's a difference between the headstrong of SatAM and Adventure. SatAM is more like an egotistical "oh yeah I'm allll that and a bag of chips" (quote SatAM Season 1 Epsiode 11 [referring to huge dinasour thing] Sally: "How did you know it was a Robot?" Sonic: "The Hedgehog knows."), while SA's is more like what Sonic's theme song dictates: "I'm just livin by my own feelings." ; "But I ain't outta control, just livin' by my word. Don't ask me why, I don't need a reason." ; "There is no way I'm gonna give up till the very end." ; no way in HELL you would find the SatAM Sonic spewing that out!! Heheheh I could see the SatAM Sonic goin: "Uhhh come again? I'm just good that's all."

Also, the SatAM Sonic was (and still is, by FAR) the fastest Sonic and the one with the cooooolest moves. Running up the walls, slicing through doors, and the rest of it ar, you might say, way past cool. SA is missing that cool "whoosh" sound Sonic made in SatAM too, which adds a very nice touch. And as a final touch, Sonic Adventure is missing the character clashing/melding that has occurred only in Sonic SatAM. Sure, there's Amy and Sonic... but that's peanuts compared to Sonic vs. Antoine, Sonic + Sally, Sally + Bunny, Sonic + Uncle Chuck.. hell Antoine vs. or + anybody (haha Antoine has got to be the funniest character in Sonic history!!) and of course watch when the Sonic vs. "Robuttnik" sparks fly! Hah! The worse you get out of the SA Sonic is "ya big loser!". May sound fine WITHOUT a voice or the context it is in, but if you played that part of SA over again, you would realize something: that "big loser" was FORCED in there. The Sega translaters STUCK the "big loser" in there to make him seem more like he had that "attitude" from days passed... the loser line... it lacks something. It lacks the voice behind it, the meaning, the soul you might say. It's as empty has a can of beans in Blazing Saddles. They should put Jaleel White on duty to train the new Sonic voice. Seriously. The new Sonic voice is fine, a little more grown up... but the attitude is missing.

Let a REAL writer, like (no Sonic SatAM hailing can go without a plugin for:) Ben Hurst, and get Jaleel White to show how a REAL Sonic voice is done... and SA2 would be the rebirth of not only Sonic as a game, but Sonic as a character. G*dd*mmit you are so right I cannot believe it. The time between SatAM and Sonic Adventure (the last 2 GOOD things to come of Sonic) was so great people forget what Sonic was alll about.

But don't get me wrong. Sonic Adventure, outside of it's cinemas, is still the rebirth of a gaming legend... but only in terms of gameplay. Thanks for making my realize this. I have an email I need to write to Sega now... :) <--DCX Liquid Rain-->