Sonic Comics: Rotor Roboticised - March 5, 2000
Submitted by: Trevor "Bumper" Lake
Subject: The Rotor Rumor

Rotor Robotcized? I Really Hope Not.....but Archie might end up doing it anyway, in all their 'infinite wisdom'.

This is in response to part of the Editorial Challenge question. Hmm..... if Rotor was Roboticized, would I read the comics anymore? Well, I'm kinda undecided on that right now, but I've heard people say stuff about what they'd do if that happened, ranging from 'so what?' to 'I'll burn my comics.' While that's a little strong, I wouldn't really blame someone who would stop reading the comics personally. But on to the real stuff I have to say.

Now, since Rotor left in issue 72 and we haven't heard a peep from him since, nor have anybody else ever asked, "I wonder what Rotor's up to?" or anything even remotely close to that, people have realized what Rotor had in him: A charming quality and a unique trait for a techno; a personality and doesn't act like a total geek. Due to this, he's extremely well liked and respected by most of the characters in the comic. And now, he's gotten that same respect from most fans of the comic. However, he seems to have had a good amount of that in the first place. It only took 3 issues without any activity from Rotor that fans started to grumble. I think Dan Drazen said something like this in his Review of Sonic 75: "Instead of 'I Am the Eggman', this story should've been called 'Where is the Walrus?'" That might not be the exact quote, but you get my point, right?

Now to try to drive all this home. If you read the comic, you probably have an opinion on this whole situation. Well, I asked a lot of people about it over the past little while about it (sorry to everyone for being the resident pest on this recently), and they seem to want him back desparately, especially because of the one they tried to replace him with, Nate Morgan, who, for the most part thus far, has been a complete flop with fans. But I don't blame Nate. Oh, no. I blame Karl Bollers, the foolish one who tried pulling this stuff on us all. When they first yanked Rotor out, Archie thought no one would really give a damn about it. Dead wrong. No Archie's getting questions fired at them concerning his return. For those of you who don't already know, Rotor's been my favorite character in the comic for about 2 years now. And now, here I am, finally about to submit my first editorial on this.......

I'll leave off by saying this: If Archie roboticizes Rotor, it will be a damn shame, and an unforgivible waste. I probably wouldn't stop reading the comic, because I need to keep up with something Sonic, but I'd be extremely PO'ed.

Thank you, and good night.

Trevor "Bumper" Lake

(Editorial complete on March, 5th, 2000, 12:19 AM)