Sonic The Hedgehog #150 Review by True Red
As far as milestone covers go, this is extremely bland and fitting considering the contents within the issue.

"Hero to Zero in No Time at All"
Writer: Ken Penders
Penciler: Art Mawhinney
Inker: Jim Amash
In Knothole, Sonic trashes a swatbot in front of a chili dog stand and is given a hot dog by the owner (aren't Jules & Bernie supposed to be running a chili dog diner--or are we never going to see it again?). Mina, Amy, and Ash happen to see Sonic's latest exploit from a close distance. Ash starts up his usual "Sonic is evil"-routine to which Amy just calls Ash "jealous." Sonic on the other hand is noticing the attention that Mina is giving him and has one of those "hmmmm" looks. "Later," as Mina is walking home, she finds Sonic in her path holding a flower and asks Mina to hang out with him by the creek.

Meanwhile, in Station Square, Nack is talking to a human named Layken about a stash of chaos emeralds on Angel Island. Layken isn't keen on the idea because of the backup he has heard the echidna guardian has, but Rouge has overheard the conversation. She decides that she's going to go get those emeralds for herself before anyone else can get them.

Back in Knothole, Mina is living her Sonic fantasy, when she realizes that she can't hurt Ash this way. So she runs away from Sonic just telling him that she doesn't want this. Amy sees Mina running and asks her what's going on, but Mina doesn't answer her. Sonic sees Amy coming and decides the day isn't a "loss" yet because there are so many "hot chicks" in the area. So, since he can't spend time with Mina, Sonic asks "babe" (that would be Amy) if she's free at the moment.

"Several hours later," Tails is looking for Sonic, who he is surprised has broken their meeting & that no one has seen him. However, Tails then finds Sonic and Bunnie sharing a kiss, which shocked him. Bunnie is happy that someone likes her, particularly after her breakup with Antoine. Tails interrupts wanting to know what's going on and Sonic rudely tells Tails to get lost. Bunnie wonders if they should go talk to Tails, but Sonic says that he'll be okay and goes back to trying to kiss Bunnie. Seemingly the duo fell asleep for a few hours as Bunnie wakes up and says that she's going how--particularly since it wouldn't look right "to be seen out late like this."

Think Sonic is out-of-character? Good, because it's not him. ;p Once Bunnie leaves, Evil Sonic explains how the switcheroo happened. Anti-Antoine (a.k.a. "Patch") was trying to send Evil Sonic to Mobius Prime with Evil Rotor's newest invention, but Evil Sonic stopped him. He then decided that since Patch might try it again later, he switched Patch and Antoine, who he figured would be much easier to control. However, seeing how Patch was moving up the ranks in Mobius Prime and having a nice life that he should do the same thing. So, he suprised & knocked out Sonic and switched places. No one on Mobius Prime or the Anti-Mobius knows it.

Meanwhile, Rouge has arrived on Angel Island to see a city filled with echidnas, which she didn't expect. When she lands, two guys ask if they can show her around and she tells them to get lost. She eventually notices Locke, and decides that perhaps he can help her out with what she wants.

In Knothole, Evil Sonic is trying to find Sonic's house since Bunnie mentioned something about Sonic having parents when he accidentally steps on one of Robotnik's land mines. Sally, after first being concerned, scolds "Sonic" for not doing his assignment correctly. Evil Sonic thinks that this Sally is as annoying as the one on his Mobius.

Back on Angel Island, Locke is showing Rouge around the island as he asks her why she's come to the place. We're not told what her story is, just that it is a lie as Locke comments about needing to be prepared. Due to that comment, Rouge asks him if he's the Guardian but doesn't get to do much else as she suddenly disappears courtesy of Archimedes (isn't he supposed to touch you to teleport you?). Locke is upset because he supposedly was trying to get information. Archy says that Knuckles has more sense and tells Locke to concentrate on protecting Angel Island and finding the Brotherhood.

Rouge finds herself in Knothole (isn't that a bit far for Archy to transport someone considering Angel Island is supposedly near Station Square at the moment?) and figures that Locke must've known what she wanted. Rouge figures that she needs a distraction and wonders who could be her "pigeon." Evil Sonic happens to notice Rouge and decides that she's "the best" girl in the whole place.

Rating: 1/2 Rings

Sonic, save for a flashback, doesn't even get to be in the main story of his milestone issue. ;p As I'm not a fan of the Evil/Anti-characters, I could do without the development concerning them. I also really hate the fact that the comic is seemingly dumbing down the war against Robotnik & its affects. Suddenly Angel Island is liberated though everyone was trying to find new hiding places in #141 and Antoine was just switched with his nutty evil version. x_x The target audience is 6-11, but even cartoons on 4Kids allow for the "dark" themes totally knocked aside by this story. Also, considering the real wars going on in the world, many kids within that age bracket deal with worse than what was being shown before latest dumbing down. Even Disney has allowed for deeper consequences and that's as "kiddie" as you can get. Since this story doesn't specifically say when any switches took place (though Sonic's had to be "today" for other parts of the story to make any sense), a lot of other things are still up in the air in terms of being answered. I won't even get started on Locke and his issues with Rouge.

"The Chosen One, Part Two"
Writer: Romy Chacon
Penciler: Art Mawhinney
Inker: Andrew Pepoy
Zonic has transported all the versions of Tails that exist. One of the Tails notices that Tails Prime has arrived and wants to kill Tails Prime so that he can be the #1 Tails. Another Tails attacks the first Tails, while other Tailses converge on Zonic & Sonic wanting to know the plan for stopping Mogul. Tails Prime leaves to take on Mogul by himself. Tails sees that Mogul has beaten all the Zonce Cops and challenges Mogul. Mogul attacks Tails with an energy blast, but Sonic grabs Tails out the way before it hits. Tails complains that Sonic should've let him get blasted so that he'd turn to Turbo Tails. Sonic counters that it could've killed him instead, so they have to be smart. Tails agrees to that and the duo runs (Sonic) & flies (Tails) while taunting Mogul and leading Mogul toward where all the other Tails are. All the Tails attack Mogul, but Mogul says that he saw the battle against the Giant Borg & Robo-Robotnik and won't be defeated. Sonic sees them getting knocked out and tries to move some of them out of the way, but ends up getting hit by Mogul's energy blasts. Tails (our Tails) gets upset at Sonic being killed (wouldn't have known if Tails didn't say that it happened ;p), but before Mogul can kill Tails, Athair tells Tails that it's time for him to fulfill his destiny as the Chosen One. Tails merges with all the other versions of himself to become "Titan Tails." Mogul is surprised and tries to destroy Titan Tails (TT) with his most powerful blast of chaos energy, but it's blocked by TT who can absorb chaos powers and "make them [his] own." So, TT absorbs Mogul as Sonic wakes up (guess he wasn't dead ;p) to Zonic asking him if he's okay. Zonic says that Tails is the "ultimate power in the multiverse" now as there's a big flash of light.

Suddenly, Tails says, "Tag, you're it, Sonic." Sonic wants to know how Tails found him and Tails points out that the sun creating a shadow gave away his location. Sonic says that he'll treat Tails to some chili dogs as Athair and Merlin comment on Tails from the distance. Merlin explains that Tails used the power to restore everything as if nothing had ever happened, except for Mogul being imprisoned in the chaos emerald that has sustained him "for centuries."

Rating: Rings

Other than Titan Tails being one of the ugliest things ever (Tails looking more bulked up than the Hulk from Marvel is NOT appealing), there wasn't anything horrendously bad about the story. There just wasn't much great about it either and I didn't feel like picking it apart for possible continuity issues. However, I'm going to miss Mogul--yes, Mogul has fans and I'm one of them--since this seemingly was an attempt to write him out--at least for the time being.