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The episode starts with Eggman flying over the city shouting an announcement that Eggman has returned saying the planet will soon be under his power telling everyone to surrender. However, no one is taking him seriously and his robots tell him that if Sonic were here he would have stopped Eggman already. Ignoring the comments from his robots Eggman tries again to attract Sonic's attention, but Sonic is no where to be found.

Elsewhere, Amy is enjoying some tea with Cream and her mother and is asks if she would like to come live with them. Amy says that she cannot and Cream gets a little upset, but Amy explains that they do not have to worry and she knows Sonic will come back. Just then Eggman continues his announcement at night trying to get Sonic to come out as he says the planet will have to face the music and he starts to disco dance. Just then the ship is hit with a large hammer and they look down to see Amy. Amy yells at them to turn the loud speaker and Eggman says just because Sonic hasn't shown up not to take it out on them, they continue their insults getting Amy enraged as Cream locks the house up. They think they should say they are sorry, but Eggman says her hammer is up still in the ship so they can't touch them. Amy holds her hand out and another hammer appears and she throws it at the ship. Knuckles watches on with Rouge next to him saying that she misses Sonic having to hang out around with. Rouge wonders why Sonic hasn't shown up yet with Knuckles saying he is unpredictable.

Rouge thinks Sonic may have hit a time warp and Knuckles tries to make himself look smatter and Rouge hits him over the head. Rouge wants Knuckles to be nicer to him and the two of them argue and eventually get into a fistfight with Rouge wanting Knuckles to respect her.

Above in the air Tails flies in with his nightcap trying to stop Eggman. Eggman wants Tails to help him but Tails says he will never join him. Eggman gets ready to fight Tails as the ship is hit by another hammer Eggman leads Tails into a trap. Amy on the ground demands that Eggman comes back and she tires out with Cream wanting her to come back in.

Eggman hides behind the clouds, however Tails comes in and starts firing on the ship, doing no damage. Eggman starts firing and he goes to shift the Tornado into jet mode a capsule appears over him. A message from Chuck says that he modified the Tornado saying he hopes his gift comes in handy. The Tornado transforms into a high-powered Hyper Tornado jet. The jet fires missiles and blasts heavily damaging the ship, but Eggman fires a large missile at Tails.

Tails tries his best to shake the missile however it stays on him no matter what he tries, even trying to ram it into the ship Eggman is in, but it still stays on him. Eggman says no matter how hard he tries the missile will never leave Tails. Warning lights start going off and Eggman says that Tails has learned his lesson and that they can recall the missile. The robots say the recall button is gone and Tails is really gone. Eggman gets mad and says without Sonic he can't afford to lose another enemy.

Just as Tails is about to get hit Super Sonic appears and destroys the missile landing on Eggman's ship. Sonic says hello and Eggman says that Sonic is finally here. Eggman tries to get Sonic to stop, but Super Sonic destroys the ship sending Eggman and the others flying.

Sonic races away with Tails in the Tornado saying how happy he is to have Sonic back. Eggman and the others complain about Sonic being back, but Eggman sits quietly smiling saying that it's not whether you win or lose but how you plot your revenge. Meanwhile Knuckles and Rouge have tired out and upon seeing Sonic return the two of them laugh saying how awful they look and Rouge starts pouncing Knuckles.

Amy sitting in Cream's house sees Super Sonic overhead and follows him to her house. Super Sonic lands and as the sun raises shinning bright Amy comes to her house to find Sonic waiting there for her. She yells at him saying how stupid he was and that she was prepared to finally not see him again and breaks down in tears at how she's now so happy to finally have him back. She just wants Sonic to say that I love you, the hedgehog hands her a flower and replies that he loves her. The two fall to the ground hugging and laughing.

Elsewhere, some time has gone by and Chris stands before the gateway working on it as Helen comes in telling him that it is time. The two teenagers race out in a car with Helen driving in a specially designed car. Helen says that Chris isn't a good driver and at the place Danny says he wants to be the first to go through. Chris says that it's useless until he figures out how to cause chaos control. The two of them say that they cannot believe it was already six years. He remembers the point when he was saying goodbye and realizes that Sonic can do chaos control saying he's gathered all the emeralds. Sonic latches on and says to hold on tight and that he is going to go really fast. Chris has come flashbacks, his times with Shadow, the first time Super Sonic was seen, and the time he rescued Sonic from the pool.

With that Chris lets out a tear and sees Sonic letting out his own as Sonic uses Chaos control to leave.