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Things start off with a message from the president with the president telling everyone that the connection must be broken. Outside Chris stands at the pool looking in at the water as Sonic stands on the other side. Sonic asks Chris how he is doing and that they will go on a run later on. The president finishes by saying that today will be the last day they see Sonic.

Later on at the lunch table everyone is busy eating with Amy explaining that she doesn't mind the time stop as she won't get any older but Vanilla and Cream says she will get bored with time stopped. Chris gets up and leaves for school. Down in the lab Chuck and Tails are trying to figure out what they are doing wrong. Elsewhere, another government official is calling the president spineless saying he should have done something sooner to get rid of Sonic and everyone else. The man figures that a couple missiles could do the same thing. He gets a call about a man watching Eggman while he works on something. The man releases a large force of GUN units to finish off Eggman once and for all.

At Chris' school everyone is upset at Sonic leaving and how they are all going to be lonesome. Chris goes back into his own flashbacks saying they have always looked out for each other. Just then the massive force of GUN units heads into the city and starts blasting away. The president demands to know who ordered the attack as dozens of guards surround the main building. As Eggman continues to be under attack Sonic comes in to help Eggman telling him to leave. The missiles continue to fire as Sonic throws them back at the GUN forces.

Bocoe and Decoe try to convince Eggman to go, but he refuses it. Sonic says he will stop them if Eggman goes to leave. Bocoe and Decoe say to forget Eggman and save them as Sonic starts taking out the GUN forces. Stuart and Topaz are busy on their own missions. The general says that he will exterminate them himself. At the president's building Rouge has snuck in quietly as Knuckles goes slamming through a wall. Rouge gets orders from Topaz to free the president from rogue agents.

Back at Eggman's base, Eggman decides to create a merges as Sonic continues to fight the GUN forces. A massive ship raises up alone with Eggman's over old flying bases and he creates a super fortress from his third battleship and the Egg Carrier and Eggman starts to open fire destroying huge amounts of GUN forces. Rouge and Knuckles have freed the president as Eggman continues his assault defeating the GUN forces. Eggman says he didn't need Sonic's help but since he tried to help Eggman gives Sonic a gift.

Elsewhere the general is arrested and is going to be sent off to the military police. Rouge tries to say Sonic causes trouble but Knuckles says it was all Eggman's fault. Rouge says they can settle everything once they get home and Rouge says they aren't going anywhere unless Chuck and Tails finish it. At the lab the piece Sonic had from Eggman was the last missing piece to the gateway.

Later that night everyone gets ready and leaves the compound with the Tornado in tow. Chris sits in Chuck's car quietly thinking to himself as he remembers asking Sonic is he really wanted to go back, Sonic says he has no choice but as long as he can explore he'll be happy. At the gateway Knuckles stands quietly as everyone gets ready and starts saying their goodbyes.

Chuck and Tails fire up the machine and it looks good until they find they do not have enough power. Without the missing emeralds they cannot cause Chaos control. Sonic seeds away and gives up one the missing emeralds. The gateway activates and fires a massive beam into the sky.

The first to go through are the small animals back. Eggman follows next into the gateway and with that the power shuts off. Chuck says they do not have enough power to send everyone else back. Tails continues and tries to adjust some things. Just then Sam arrives there and before he gets out he drives away quickly wondering if he should just step down no longer having any challenge. Everyone is having an okay time as Chris stands quietly. The two power the gateway back up and accessing the old ARK colony power they fire the eclipse cannon at the gateway and get it enough power to continue running. After giving Tails some thanks Chuck breaks down and gives Tails a hug telling him how much he's going to miss Tails.

The next people to say goodbye are Cream and Vanilla with Cream getting a flower hat from Helen and the others. Ella explains she bought a cactus and named it Amy and Ella hands over a recipe book. Chris stands quietly watching everyone saying goodbye. Elsewhere Scarlet and Stuart watch on and Scarlet wonders who Stuart is but he replies she'll have to keep investigating.

Chuck tells everyone they cannot keep the gate open forever. The next to head through are Cream, Cheese and Vanilla, followed by Amy. The next is Tails flying his plane away. At the gate Chris says his personal goodbyes and Rouge hands Topaz a jewel and she heads through the gateway, Topaz breaks down and is comforted by Tanaka. Knuckles heads through next and as Sonic goes to head in Chris speaks up. He moves to say goodbye but as he shakes Sonic's hand he quietly stands there looking at Sonic. Sonic goes to leave, but as he moves on the gate suddenly powers down as Chris has cut the power leaving Sonic staring at him in surprise.