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The episode starts off with Scarlet reporting on how popular Sonic and Knuckles have been and how they have started a health craze and evens shows Chris breaking his own speed record.

Outside Chris' house Bocoe and Decoe are busy taking care of the lawn enjoying their newfound freedom as Chris heads inside to see his parents. Elsewhere, Eggman and Bokkun are trying to find whatever food they can and when Bokkun complains about the food Eggman says he won't ever take them back. Back at the house Chris' parents are trying to cook again after explaining they are joining the "freedom movement". Just then Tanaka comes in and tells Chuck he has a call. Chuck learns that he has been given permission to start Project Homebound.

On the speedway Sam is busy racing down a crook along the highway with the S-Team as he remembers his time with Sonic. As Sam races along the highway he quickly catches up with the man as he continues trying to speed away, but the man ends up going over a curve. At the moment Sonic races in and rescues the man from the car before it crashes into the ground. Sonic wonders how Sam is doing and he wants to challenge Sonic to a race as the two of them take off. Sam activates his turbo booster, however Sonic is still faster and jumps over the edge to see all the city lights.

Back at his home Chris is trying to concentrate on his homework on trying to write an essay on his dream, he realizes it quickly. Just then a visitor comes into the home as Chris finishes his essay he thinks it is too corny. He hears a splash in the pool and going out to look, he thinks it was Sonic again, however he finds it is only a small cat. Inside the strange visitor explains that at one point in time Sonic's and their world were one in the same, then some event happened which caused the planet to split in two, creating two separate timelines in parallel dimensions.

The visitor explains that the two planets are starting to join again and their timelines will merge as well. She then explains that if this happens time will end up standing still and the worlds will be destroyed. The woman says they can prevent the incident by causing another set of chaos control to send Sonic and everyone else back home. Chris overheard this and stands at the doorway surprised. He tells them that they won't send Sonic back that he doesn't care what the president says. Chris tries to tell everyone all the good Sonic has done and that if Sonic goes away they will all be sorry. Chuck explains that it is no one's fault and that everyone has to go home. Chris tries to think that Eggman is behind it all, but Chuck continues to calmly tell Chris that they need to go home as Chris runs out the door.

Chuck tells Tails that if time were frozen as it would he could live forever and he and Tails could come up with thousands of inventions and that it sounds great, but if time were frozen there would be no point in it since they could never make progress in anything. Outside the home Chris runs out of the property crying as he runs into Decoe and Bocoe telling them they need to take him to Eggman. The two robots lead Chris into an alley and talk, telling him that they have no clue where Eggman is. Decoe and Bocoe try to take Chris home but he refuses so the two robots decide to stay with Chris. The two robots link up and summon Bokkun to them, the laughing robot appears and Chris tells Bokkun to bring him to Eggman. The small robot refuses, but he is so hungry he can't stay afloat. Bocoe and Decoe tell Bokkun that if they take them to Eggman they will feed him.

Tanaka apologizes for letting Chris get away as Chris' parents are upset at not feeling for Chris. Chuck explains that Chris has gone to see Eggman and tells them they should allow Chris to see Eggman and allow him to see the truth. At his base Eggman sees Bocoe and Decoe and says that he will take them back. Chris confronts Eggman and accuses him of everything, however, Eggman thinks it is a good plan and plays along with Chris getting upset. Eggman says that he did nothing about this plan saying that he has no choice as well but to go back. Chris doesn't believe Eggman even with Eggman telling him Chris does not want to accept the truth and that he will have to accept it.

Chris breaks down into tears and runs off with Eggman privately saying his goodbyes. Chris runs to the cliff and overlooks the city and then up at the moon. Back at home his parents are starting to get worried over him as Chris comes back home. His parents get Chris to rest as Chuck and Tails head off to continue their project still needing two more emeralds. Chris heads off to bed and waits for his parents to walk away before looking out the window.

Elsewhere Sonic is busy jumping around as he spots a glowing red light in the distance.