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The episode starts with a ship radioing for help as it has run into heavy fog. The crew sees two lights as Topaz continues to radio for help saying they are under attack. There are random messages as the base hears screaming and the radio goes dead. The news reports that the Seahawk has disappeared with rescue helicopters looking. Sonic says that is why he cannot stand water with Chris wondering if they got lost. Chuck says the instruments allow the ship to navigate the waters and they should go look for it. Cream may think it's Emel but Sonic perks her mood up by saying they can go pick flowers.

In the president's office Rouge says that someone may have stolen the ship with an aid saying that if someone captured the ship they would have all the data needed to bring the country to its knees. The group figures that it is Eggman and on cue Eggman is busy typing away on a computer. Eggman brings up some data on Knuckles and decides to stop on by. Becoe and Decoe capture an ancient map and they split back to the base.

Eggman takes a look at the map and says that it is the ancient world and that the computer can take them back even further showing the continents moving even more. Eggman zeroes in on a location called Meracia saying that people will not have to call him their ruler.

Back at Chris' house Knuckles appears with the man that had his map stolen his name is Dr. Cadbury who also knows Tanaka who said his teachings inspired him to be a butler.

Chuck takes a look at the map and wonders what is going on. Dr. Cadbury explains that the island sank into the sea with highly advanced technology that was taken down instantly. Chuck figures there is a connection between the map and the Seahawk. Dr. Cadbury explains that the Seahawk was looking for Meracia and shows the map prior to the volcanic explosion and pinpoints the same point as Eggman did. Showing a tiny island survived the explosion and that is where the Seahawk disappeared.

Everyone takes off in the boat and heads towards the island within a few days. Dr. Cadbury points out that there is a large chain of volcanoes. When Knuckles picks on Sonic, Sonic explains that he isn't scared of water just getting wet. Just then the ship spots something coming up from the water. It's a huge pirate ship showing Eggman's logo. Bokkun decides to fly in and gives a message telling them to surrender or else he will destroy them. Dr. Cadbury explains that the Meracians may have caused the explosion themselves because of a hot spot beneath the ocean floor. Eggman plans on blasting it open to cause the world to fall apart and to build an Eggman empire.

Sonic tries to attack the ship but is blasted into the water. Chris dives in and grabs Sonic and Tanaka throws a life ring hitting Chris and knocking him out. Eggman starts to fire on the boat as Sonic loses his grip on the wing and Chris grabs on. Tails is busy trying to repair the X Tornado as fast as he can with Eggman continuing to fire. Chuck is informed at another ship coming this way as it surfaces it shows off as one of Eggman's old bases and starts to fire on Eggman. Eggman causes the ship to rise into the air and aims towards his old flying base. The base counter-fires as everyone on the ship watches the attack. The old base runs into Eggman's new ship taking off oars as the X Tornado lifts off.

Eggman shows off a holographic image of his hostages saying if the ship is destroyed everyone will go down with him. The ship is fired on still by the older ship as Rouge tires to stop them, but they do not care as the ship continues to be fired upon. Chris and the others decide that they need to help the hostages and attacks the older base. Rouge tells the people that she just needs 10 minutes and she runs off. Eggman sees the gap in fire and starts to head for the island. Tails and the others distract Eggman as Rouge enters the ship.

The ship starts to collapse and Eggman decides to use his ultimate weapon to stop the attackers instead of destroying the planet. Everything is encased in a red glow as Eggman fires an energy ray Knuckles and Sonic try to stop it but are blown back. Sonic and Knuckles do a tag attack and manage to destroy the ray. Eggman's ship starts exploding, Rouge has freed the hostages. Eggman tricks Rouge by saying chaos emerald and he runs to the island as the boat collapses into the water. Dr. Cadbury thinks that they never should have come to the island and Chuck explains that if Eggman finds the ruins they are all in trouble.