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The episode starts with Eggman working on a project and ordering his robots to go shopping for a large amount of supplies. They quickly take off. Elsewhere Cream, her mom, and Emel are enjoying the flowers as Amy watches overhead hopping that Sonic would bring her some flowers. Her dream gets stopped by a bug and she goes to kill it. Tanaka stops her from swinging her hammer and breaking the window saying she doesn't know what is wrong with her at the moment. Ella tries to perk Amy up by making her a pie and Tanaka gives her an old saying as she starts eating the pie. She says she won't think about him any more, but he goes flying by the window just then.

On the news they are reporting they are finding a way to get Eggman to come out into the open. Rouge, Knuckles, and Sonic have been chosen to join a tournament to get Eggman out. The three of them are unsure and Rouge says she'll help out but it will cost some jewelry. The president offers the grand prize will be a chaos emerald. Knuckles isn't sure about just one emerald, but he is tricked into fighting by saying he can prove himself. Rouge and Sonic say it was too easy to trick Knuckles. The president doesn't think they have an emerald, but the aid assures him they do.

At the TV interview the president offers that anyone who wants to can join the tournament saying the grand prize is a chaos emerald. The commercials show Knuckles breaking through and such, but the phones aren't ringing. Tails gets the others to join the tournament and as the phone rings Nelson wants to speak with Chris saying that he will join the tournament saying that he was signed up everyone already. Just then the phones start ringing off the hook.

Back at his base after Eggman hits his thumb he orders Bokkun to go find Bocoe and Decoe. The next day the tournament starts off with the president showing off the red chaos emerald. The first match is started off with the president facing the Black Knight. The president backs down a little as he tries punching the armor knight he doesn't do anything obviously as before getting one hit the aid throws in the towel and the knight wins. The second fight is Chris against Danny. Chris looks down saying he doesn't want to fight and Danny starts worrying as Chris starts crying he tricks Danny and wins the round. Chuck congrats Chris on winning but as he goes to show off he throws his back out and is taken off and his opponent Lucky wins. Decoe and Becoe are pitted against each other next but as they start fighting the cops suddenly arrive and they run off with the cops chasing them.

The next match is Hawk against Tails. Hawk tries to get Tails by punching but Tails blocks him and then takes him out by spinning Hawk around by his tails knocking him out. The next match is Amy against Bokkun and as she makes Bokkun cry she tries to apologize and as Bokkun calls her a liar she smashes him with her hammer. The first half of the tournament ends with Knuckles and the others taking pictures and signing autographs. Eggman is overhead looking for Bocoe and Decoe. Inside Chris is a little upset at cheating and he promises Sonic he won't ever do it again.

As the second round beings Knuckles fights against the Black Knight and before Knuckles can attack the Black Knight reveals himself to be the ex-aid and he runs away allowing Knuckles to win. As the round ends Danny wishes Chris good luck as Nelson drops down from overhead, which ends up having Chris and Nelson fight. Chris takes down Nelson quickly and Chuck gets angry. The next match is Stuart against Sam and before the match starts Sam tackles Stuart getting him disqualified. Sam takes off laughing anyway. Lucky wins the next match seeing as Bocoe and Decoe are gone. The next match is Topaz and Tanaka and Tanaka gives Topaz some jewelry and the two of them hug, with Topaz forfeiting.. Ella ends up fighting Emel and Cream wonders what is wrong with Emel wondering how he can win if he's gentle. Ella forfeits the match with the next round with Rouge against Tails. Tails holds his own good until Rouge gets an idea and flirts with Tails kissing him and knocking him out of the ring.

The final battle pits Amy against Sonic. The two of them stand there quietly as Amy wonders who she can fight Sonic. Sonic tries to get Chris to make Amy mad, but nothing will get her mad. Just then Eggman tries to attack Amy and he saves her looking up at Eggman, he takes off after him leaving Amy the winner. The episode ends showing the final 8 contestants.