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At the capitol the president is busy worrying about what the press is going to do to him now the Eggman has escaped telling they will do whatever it takes to capture Eggman. Topaz stands there with Rouge both in the office with the president saying there are agents everywhere looking for Eggman. The president informs them that if they can get Eggman they can have whatever they want.

Back at Chris' school he and his friends are wondering what adventure Sonic is having today. They find Cream and Emel as they take a walk through the yard. They find Stuart looking at a giant tree, which he thinks Eggman is hiding inside. He uses his instruments and finds Eggman's robots as they run off, he is about to give chase as Chris and the others stop him. He explains that he is bird watching and Danny takes them. He zooms in and spots Eggman saying he's buying a book. The kids think they can catch Eggman but Stuart tries to get them to go home and Chris and the others sadly leave. With them gone Stuart figures he can tail Eggman as he gets into a taxi Stuart runs to his car to chase, but everyone appears and jumps into his car. He has no choice but to take them all with him.

Back at Chris' house Sonic is enjoying a nap on the roof as Chuck interrupts him and tells him that Cream and Cheese are missing, with that Sonic takes off. In the city Stuart and the others watch Eggman get out of the taxi and suddenly disappear as it pulls away. Everyone gets out and looks around for Eggman. Thinking things through Stuart listens on the ground and hears movement figuring that Eggman has gone underground finding a sewer Stuart takes off in his car with everyone and transforms it into a boat as they race through the sewer. Danny gets scared over a small lizard and the girls wonder why he is scared about reptiles as one of them says she captures all kinds of bugs.

Stuart eventually catches up with Eggman who spots them and leads them on a chase through the sewer. Eggman deploys a net, which comes down on them. Above ground Rouge and Topaz are enjoying a meal as Sonic goes racing back and forth. Rouge stops him and he explains that they are missing and Rouge asks them to let them know if he runs into Eggman.

Back down below Eggman has captured all of them in a cell and they wonder why he has all those books. Eggman explains they are for his plan, but not to be so nosey when they are locked up. Just then Bocoe comes in with Stuart equipment and he is accused of being a spy. Obviously he denies it, but he is so nervous, Eggman sees through him. Stuart keeps trying to say he's a school teacher and not a spy, Chris tries to get information on the new plan but they will not get any information. Stuart takes a hair pin from Helen and picks the lock on the cell opening it. They all quickly escape and begin walking through the sewer system and Chris says it would be neat if Stuart was a spy.

They come across a door with a giant one on it, using some chemicals he causes an explosion and the door opens up quickly. They race through the network and find another door with a giant 2 on it. Using more equipment he uses his computer and finds the password, but he figures that something is wrong and that it is just a trap. He explains that they will open the door another way. Looking around they spot Bokkun sleeping on top of the door. Helen starts talking about Ella's apple pie and this wakes Bokkun up. They trick Bokkun into sending a message to Ella so he can get some pie. As he gets to the surface Sonic runs into him and he explains that he saw Chris in the sewer and Sonic figures Eggman must be done there. He then tricks Bokkun into getting a message to Topaz and Rouge so he can also get some strawberry shortcake from Ella too.

Back at the restaurant Bokkun appears and delivers the message. Down in the sewer the kids are trying to break in as Eggman suddenly appears in his spider robot. As Eggman goes to attack Sonic comes racing in and knocks the spider down. Sonic gets stuck against the wall by Eggman. Rogue and Topaz appear and Rouge sets Sonic free as Emel's eyes glow. Emel goes on the attack and uses Rouge's own attack to blast through the door using the screw kick. And using it again he destroys the spider robot. Everyone takes off through the newly opened door as Eggman flies off, but his craft explodes sending smoke everywhere.

They get out fine with everyone okay as they get their breath back. Back at the home Ella appears saying their friend has been waiting hours as Bokkun sits at the table eating all the bakery goods happily.