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The episode starts in the city near the Chaotix in the park as people watch the animals from Sonic's world. Heading into the park there are people celebrating Sonic in dozens of ways including painting, hair styles, carving and everything else. They see Sonic and charge him as he runs off.

At Chris' father's office he is busy working on some project as huge stacks of paperwork are piled on his desk saying they are complaint forms from their home electronics. His aid turns on the TV showing a report on Sonic's fame saying people are leaving their jobs to follow Sonic. He wonders what is going on with the complaints saying that so many people are following Sonic that their quality is going down the drain. Ella calls saying that Chris was brought home because he is slightly sick. His father runs off to help Chris saying the complaints need to be taken care of by the end of the day. On a movie set Chris' mother is stopped as his father explains that Chris is sick, she runs onto the hanging ladder and takes off into the sky.

At the prison Eggman is busy fixing broken electronics making them look like new at an amazing speed and he informs them that Sonic is at fault for all the blunders with the electronics. Eggman grins saying he has developed a plan to get revenge at Sonic showing some kind of microchip as the trucks role away delivering new electronics to everyone. Inside Chris' house Ella explains that Chris is doing fine as Tanaka shows that her vacuum cleaner is back. Chuck explains that he's been busy repairing Emel and Cream offers to keep watch over him. Chris' parents appear and have rushed home making sure Chris was okay and Chuck yells at Nelson for leaving his company for leaving his job over a common cold. Nelson and Chuck argue over the quality of Nelson's work and that it is Sonic's fault. Chris gets them to stop and says that if they care about him they have a funny way of showing it.

In the living room the vacuum cleaner suddenly comes to life and starts putting chips on all the appliances. Ella assures everyone that Chris only reacted because of the medicine. Chuck and Nelson are still upset with each other and refuse to look at each other. As Chris' mom goes to start cooking she finds she can't open the refrigerator. Just then the appliances start coming alive and attacking them. Sonic comes in and stops them as Emel scans Sonic copying a skill.

More appliances start attacking suddenly and Amy smashes them with her hammer. Just then they hear Chris scream as he's coming under attack by a TV. Just then a spin ball happens and Chris thanks Sonic, but it was really Emel who stopped the TV. The TV comes back and both of the spin attack it as they are surrounded by the appliances. The fire from the TV starts the sprinklers and they short out the other appliances.

The rest of the city is already under attack from the rouge appliances as Chris figures they can stop them with water. The robots have shut the water off and Nelson goes to follow Sonic saying it his responsibility to help Sonic. Amy and Tails run off with Nelson in the X Tornado. Chris wants to go, but his mother keeps him their.

In the jail cell Eggman and the others are playing a game of cards as Bokkun appears and breaks out Eggman and the others. They wonder why they didn't break out earlier and Eggman explains that his genius is too hard to understand. Back in the city Sonic is helping people and tells them all to spray all the appliances to get them soaked getting the fire department to help out. Racing out he spots Knuckles trying to get out of a circle as the two of them start fighting the robots.

Eggman appears saying that his machines are still on the march as he sends out a signal getting them to completely surround Knuckles and Sonic. The fire departments are busy trying to stop the appliances but they are loosing pressure quickly. At the water center Amy and Tails break into the control center as Nelson restores the water supply, but something is blocking the main supply of water. Nelson explains that they need to get the main gate open Chuck and others leave and Chris finally gets his mother to let him go but she has to go with him.

Sonic and Knuckles are quickly getting tired from fighting all the appliances as Eggman hovers above laughing. At the dam they find that they can only get the supply back by opening he main valve. All of them grab onto it but they cannot move it. With the addition of Nelson, Tails, and Amy they all grab onto the valve and slowly begin to turn it causing the flow of water to return to the city. Everyone celebrates as the return of water allows Sonic and Knuckles to quickly use the water and take out the appliances. Eggman seeing his plan backfire he quickly takes off.

At the dam everyone enjoys a good laugh as the episode ends.