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The episode starts with Big and Froggy enjoying the sky as suddenly a white light takes them over. Elsewhere two elderly people are enjoying breakfast as a house suddenly crashes into their roof. During this time the president is being briefed that most of the disturbances have happened near the Mystic Ruins and that the animals that have appeared are those from Sonic's world. Chris and Chuck are sitting in the room and Chuck figures that they were called in so that they could keep the species different so that they didn't hurt the native species on Earth. The aid says they wish it didn't have to be that way. Chris meanwhile just sits quietly thinking.

Back in the city Rouge is busy talking with Knuckles and she tells him that if too many people from Sonic's world come they may lock them all up as she talks to Knuckles and suggests them spending time together in the cell, Knuckles gets a little upset, but Rouge just tells him that they may all be locked up because they are different. Knuckles says he won't go without a fight and Rouge hopes that Knuckles will be around to protect her. As she goes to leave she tells Knuckles she hopes to share a cell with him.

Later that night Chris is making his way to the harbor as Chuck says they should head home for dinner. Chris interrupts and asks if they are really going to take Sonic away from him. Chuck comes forward as Chris continues to wonder what is going on and figures that it is all wrong. Further down the harbor in a small house the infamous Vector is extremely bored as Espio tells him they need to figure out where they are and how to get back. Vector says they are stuck there and they wonder why half the moon is missing. Just then Charmy comes rushing in and lands on Vector and tells him that they got blown into a new world. Vector tells him to get off his nose and Espio asks where they are and Charmy replies he doesn't know. Charmy shoves the paper into Vector and he spots the article on Sonic and reads about the events of the ARK crashing yesterday.

Vector continues to read the article as it praises Sonic for his efforts in being a hero and continually saving the planet no matter how great the odds are and how famous he has become. Vector tears the paper up and Charmy tells him he's just jealous. Espio says not to worry about it while the three of them introduce themselves all in a comical manner. Off his old island base Eggman launches a missile into space as the entire government goes on the alert and that the missile is heading to the moon. Eggman contacts the president that he apologizes for the ARK and offers to mend the moon free of charge. The president tries to trace the call and the find the location of the base but as they try to contact him they get an answering machine. Meanwhile the missile collides with the moon as metal spires rapidly start to form creating a round moon again as the machine side lights up.

Tails and the others sit watching the TV at the new moon as Amy walks in wondering where Sonic has gotten to. He is busy running through the desert and looking at the moon. The next day Vector says that they will be able to solve the case and he says that it is all elementary, as Espio and Charmy doubt him. Vector thinks that the person they are looking for was brought into this world by Chaos Control and it's Sonic's fault.

Outside Chris' house the three of them are watching Cream as Vector found the house only by a map of the stars. Charmy asks him if he's jealous and Vector agrees before finding out he was dragged into that. The three decide that they need to get into the house and Vector figures there is a lot of extra security surrounding the house. As Vector looks again the think Ella is some kind of monster and as she looks out the window the three dives behind a bush.

Meanwhile while running Sonic spots Eggman overlooking the city. Back at the house Espio appears right next to the window, becoming visible. Inside Amy gets upset at Sonic holding her up and starts swinging the hammer she hits the invisible Espio and sends him flying out the window. Charmy asks Vector what they are going to do and the kid gets happy. Meanwhile Sonic and Eggman are busy talking and Eggman tells him that he isn't planning on anything and tells Sonic that it's hard work being himself, Sonic doesn't believe it, but Eggman tells him he's wrong. Eggman starts to wonder if he should retire and Sonic wonders if he's on the level. Just then a women appears and Sonic looks stunned.

Meanwhile Vector and Charmy have gotten into the house and Vector demands that they hand over Cream. The others refuse to let Cream go and as they spot Ella, Vector threatens to sting them. They all start fighting as Sonic appears and Vector accuses him of kidnapping. Sonic tells Cream that someone is there to see her and as Cream looks she finds her mother standing there, they two share a hug as the others have stopped fighting. Vanilla thanks Vector and especially Sonic for taking care of Cream. Vector and the others try to get out, but Sonic and the others invite them to stay but Vector just wants to go. Above the house Eggman laughs and flies away telling him to laugh while he can.