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With Perfect Chaos destroyed Sonic is running around the city looking at the all the damaged caused by the monster. He hears what seems to be a child crying and heads into a building. At Chris' house they are busy repairing the furniture, as Chris and Stuart are busy taking supplies to people in the shelter. They overhear that a little boy has gone missing as Sonic suddenly runs in and hands the boy to the parents. At the capitol the president is busying signing papers as he wants to be like Sonic, the president is informed that a new series of robots will be built to defend from Eggman. Sam is also hired on as the president's driver. At the house Chris and the others have to leave the house while it is being cleaned up. Stuart is busy elsewhere driving down the road. Sonic isn't there to say goodbye, but Tails informs them that they can always be there for him, even in the two months. Cream and Cheese have decided to go along though with Ella and the others.

At Area 99 there is an assembly line moving in building brand new robots, but Eggman is spying on the room. Eggman hacks into the computer to get the designs when Eggman sees a picture of someone important. He goes through the records and finds out that this world that he was born in discovering the records of his grandfather Gerald Robotnik. Eggman says that because of the way the two worlds exist chaos control allowed them to pass back and forth. Eggman uses the password "Maria" to get into the top-secret files. Just then an alarm goes off at the station and they try to delete the file on the main computer while getting the data. Eggman gets the information and deletes it off the system. Eggman reads through the diary about Gerald's ultimate creation "Shadow" and that it will bring total destruction.

Inside the limo the president in briefing Rouge about the file and everything and a bit of information about Shadow. Rouge and the others know that it is Eggman. There the president informs them that they need to find out why Eggman wants Shadow. Rouge informs Topaz that they need to meet Eggman and Rouge figures the only way to get to Eggman is a chaos emerald.

In the city Chris spends his time looking out the window of the apartment and Cream asks if he wants some tea. Chris says no and is obviously upset about being in the apartment. Up on the roof Chuck is busying setting up a satellite and sees Chris. He tells Chris that he'll make lots of new friends when he gets settled in and that he cannot sit around mopping because Sonic and the others didn't when they came to the world. Chris says he won't give up at all.

Sonic is busy running through the city and hears another child crying. As he goes to rescue the kid he finds out it's Bokkun and the small robot gets angry at Sonic. Sonic apologizes for rescuing and goes to leave. Bokkun says that he isn't going to say thank you for helping him and the robot yells at Sonic for rescuing him. Sonic runs off with Bokkun still shouting. Up on the Floating Island Rouge and Topaz are walking through the forest looking for a chaos emerald.

In the city Scarlet has transferred to a new news station. She goes to meet the new news director, named Franklin, but it is really Stuart in another disguise. The two are introduces and Stuart says that they have a lot to talk about. Stuart shows a folder on Project Shadow. Scarlet's father investigated Shadow and Stuart says that he needs Scarlet to investigate further. She isn't ready to do it, but Stuart makes some promises.

Back on the Floating Island Rouge has stolen the Master Emerald and Knuckles is already on her tails punching rocks to knock her down into the ground. Topaz goes to help but finds a chaos emerald. Rouge goes back for the Master Emerald and Knuckles says that he will not let Rouge take it. She goes to run but Knuckles slams her into the tree knocking her mask off. Rouge slips away with the Master Emerald.

On an island facility an alarm suddenly goes off on Prison Island about someone having broken into the building. The robots are activated to stop the intruder after entrances have been sealed. The intruder is Eggman as he blasts his way through the complex in his egg ship with Decoe and Becoe trying to help, but they are denied. As they go through another door one of the new robots jumps down, code-named Laser Hunter. Eggman deploys a shield and destroys the robot without a problem laughing. The president is also informed that Eggman has attacked the island.

Eggman continues his assault knowing that there are robots hiding up ahead. As the robot goes to attack, Eggman dodges and smashes the robot into the ground. Moving further down Decoe and Becoe spot a highly dusted room. Eggman says Shadow is sleeping in the machine. As Eggman goes to wake him up he enters "Maria" and gives the machine a chaos emerald. As it lights up the room fills with smoke and the being inside is woken up. The shadow that first appears is that of a hedgehog and Eggman shouts in surprise.