US Title: "Pure Chaos"

The episode starts at night on the mysterious new island that has formed. Opening we see the infamous Big the cat along with Froggy who quickly chases off towards a bright light with Big in tow. The glowing object is a Chaos Emerald, which Big decides to keep. Also near the area is a strange puddle of water that creeps up on Froggy and enters its mouth. Just then Froggy sprouts a strange tail and eats the emerald in Big's hand taking off.

Meanwhile up in the air the President has learned that the island that has appeared after 6 months they decide to turn the island into a tourist attraction as the group begins plans to install new surveillance methods to track Eggman. Rouge knows that Eggman is taking a break to plot his next move. The president wonders how the others are doing and Chris' teacher shows pictures saying they are fine.

At the house Chris, Cream, and Chuck are eating and enjoying breakfast. Chuck wonders if Chris is staying after school as he invites Chris to the Mystic Ruins where Tails' workshop is stationed. Chris heads off to school and looks up into the air hoping that Sonic is okay. The hedgehog is standing on top of a mountain and gives a loud whistle for some reason. In another city Amy is busy in her apartment watching TV and looking out the window feeling very lonely and upset at Sonic disappearing. Amy stuck up in her mind thinks that Sonic will come back for her and she hears on the TV saying they have no idea where Eggman is.

Down in a laboratory a pink bird is places inside a container with other animals and is stuck into four robots. They activate as up in another room Eggman gives the order to have target practice, the robots destroy the Sonic dolls as Becoe and Decoe congratulate Eggman on his new accomplishment of imprisoning the animals in the robots. Eggman says they are the new E-series robots: Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon. Eggman says the names are all Greek to him. As he goes to get a chaos emerald his new battleship emerges from the sea, the Egg Carrier. He transforms the ship and takes off at full power as he clutches one of the Chaos Emeralds.

Chris meanwhile at another home spots the yellow Chaos emerald owned by his mother, which she gives to Cream. Chris' mom thinks Cream is in a bunny costume and as Chris goes to correct her his mom gets a phone call and she has to run off. Chris and Cream decide to head home as Cheese and Froggy get tangled up. Chris picks the frog up as Big appears and falls on Cream and Chris. Froggy escapes and Big seems rather depressed. After some introductions Chris and Cream are trying to figure things out with Big as the night slowly comes up. Chris tells the cat that they will find Froggy again and Cream offers their assistance. The three go through the city looking for the frog in many locations.

Finally late at night in a park the three discover another strange puddle, which lands in front of them and morphs into a monster. Cheese seems rather happy to see it, but Cream pulls him back. The monster then beings destroying the part as the three decide to run away. Upon a building Sonic appears on top of a building and sees all the commotion going on in the city. The police surround the strange puddle and being to try and stop the monster however, the monster starts destroying police cars the police and people run away as Sonic appears. The monster goes to attack Sonic but he makes a quick dodge.

Landing on the monster Sonic steps off and goes into a battle with it. Far quicker than the monster Sonic uses his spin ball to turn it back into a puddle. It heads down into a sewer as Eggman appears above. He quickly snatches the emerald from Cream as he calls Chaos to have a snack. The monster reforms now looking slightly different with a Chaos Emerald into it. Eggman tells Sonic that Chaos will gain more power with each new emerald saying it is under his control. Chaos ready for round 2 goes off after Sonic and the others as Knuckles appears shouting at Eggman wondering what happened to the Master Emerald. The group watches as Eggman feeds Chaos a 2nd chaos emerald and it reforms attacking both Sonic and Knuckles. Neither is strong enough to take the monster down by themselves as Chaos uses a water attack on everything. Knuckles and Sonic work together and with some strong punches Chaos electrocutes Knuckles. Sonic comes in with a spin attack and is unable to stop him getting a shock himself.

Sonic and Knuckles work together with one solid attack pattern that takes Chaos out of commission sending it to the ground in puddles. Eggman surprised at this quickly makes his retreat with Chaos in tow. Knuckles tells Eggman to bring it on and Chris and Cream get a bad feeling about the situation. The episode ends with Sonic looking up into the sky.