US Title: "How to Catch a Hedgehog"

The episode starts with Sonic battling one of Eggmanís robots. It breathes fires on Sonic and then takes Amy up into the air. She tries hitting it with a hammer until she tears part of her dress, Sonic tells her to hang on tight. Tails appears in the X Tornado and launches Sonic a power ring. Jumping up into the air he smashes the robot and a piece of the chip falls in his eye unknown to him. After sending Eggman off the land in a pile of hay. The two sit there looking off into the sky for a while and Amy wished that they could stay there for days. Sonic meanwhile is trying to get something out of his ear, however he only serves to knock the chip in further. Sonic has no clue why she is upset because he did not hear her.

Back at home Sonic is still trying to clean his ear, Amy is shouting at him when Tails and Chris show up wondering why Amy is calling weird and that he is off in his own little world. Tails says that is just how Sonic acts. Meanwhile during their shouting Sonic is still trying to get the chip out of his ear not caring what is going on down below. Chris says that he may just have something on his mind and when Tanaka uses the remote to open the garage the chip in Sonicís ear activates and he runs off screaming. Chris says that they need to follow after him in the X Tornado. Sonic however is running down the streets wondering why he cannot stop his feet. Sam meanwhile has pulled someone over and is about to give a ticket when Sonic runs by him; he takes off in his police car trying to catch up with Sonic. The X Tornado comes in and Chris tries to radio him telling him trying to stop Sonic. Sam however only thinks that he is trying to race and catches up with the hedgehog, however Sonic kicks into high gear and when Sam tries to catch up he runs out of gas. Sonic slows down a little but still does not understand what is going on. He races along the subway trains whi9le Chris and the others are above trying to locate him.

Sonic heads out for the desert and they wonder why he is bothering to go there. Tails tries to keep up as Sonic speeds up more, Amy sees that he is still messing with his ear and she figures that something happened to him when he was battling. Amy has no clue what though exactly happened to him and they decide to go talk to Chuck to see if he can help. Amy hopes that he will be okay as they head back towards the city. However, Eggman takes notice of Sonicís running wild and Bocoe makes jokes about his weight, Eggman wonders what Sonic is doing.

At the lab Chuck says the only way to figure out what is going on is to examine him, but first they have to catch him. He says he thinks he may have a way to stop him and he and Tails work late into the night on the device. Sonic still has no clue where he is going even as Eggman follows him sleeping. The next morning Chuck reveals his plan that they will use some gum to lift Sonic off the ground keeping him in one place. Tails locates Sonic easily and using the cannon Amy fires and hits Sonic right on his back. He stops in front of Chuck and the others and lifts off from the ground by the giant bubble. However it expands and takes him up higher and the wind takes him off. As Sonic drifts around Knuckles spots him and smashes the bubble with a rock. Sonic falls into the river and using his speed he runs across the water towards Knuckles. He gets ready to fight only to see Sonic run past him and with a fish in his hands. Knuckles walks up to the ground and says that Sonic missed him and Amy goes to attack him with the hammer because he did not stop Sonic.

Ella prepares a lunch for them thinking of a way to get Sonic when suddenly Tails is trapped by a tumbleweed. Chuck says that he will use a hamster like wheel to trap Sonic. Using some arrows he gets Sonic to run in the right direction and Knuckles pushes the giant wheel, which Sonic jumps into. Chuck lifts it off the ground and keeps Sonic in place. Chris congratulates Chuck on his accomplishment and Amy gives Sonic a meal to eat. Sonic eventually tires out and runs in his sleep, even though Chuck thinks that he would have stopped running. Eggman sees Sonic and says that he will start exercising tomorrow, Bocoe and Decoe tell him tomorrow never comes. Everyone stares oddly as Sonic continues to run, suddenly the brace brakes and the wheel runs over Knuckles. As it falls on its side sonic begins to dig into the earth until a gush of water shoots him up into the air. Later that night Chuck says that they will eventually come up with a plan and with a new one he says that all they need is some help from a friend. That night Eggman continues to watch Sonic and goes to launch a sneak attack when he decides to nap.

The next day Sam shows up in his rocket car that he raced Sonic with and they plan to trap Sonic in a sticky substance and they get ready to race. All goes good as they follow Sonic and when they start to race Sam begins to take things a little too far and really starts to race. He keeps Sonic in his dust at first making sure that Sonic stays on his left side, however Amy reminds him that he is only suppose to be a decoy and Sam takes it too far. Instead of staying in the right lane Sam seems to think that he is number one and instead of stopping Sonic he is stopped in his tracks and Tails says that he is picking up something strange. At the ranch in the beginning of the episode the robot is still functioning and as Amy drops onto the wing she tries to destroy the robot only to have it attack her. Sonic races to the rescue and destroys the robot for good and as he does the chip falls out of his ear. He and Amy fall into a pile of hay and Sonic says something is in his ear again, Amy blows the hay out and Sonic thanks her. The episode ends with the two of them enjoying a rest on the pile of hay.