US Title: "Emerald Anniversary"

The episode starts with a shot of Area 99, the men meat to show a new machine being built that is going to be finished based off of Eggmanís technology. Meanwhile in the city Topaz and Rouge are busy looking at diamonds with Rouge wishing she would have them. Topaz calmly tells people to get the police and Rouge says that she is jealous because she is better looking. Just then a large limo pulls up and Chrisí father steps out of it. Heading into the shop he asks for the largest jewel, which happens to be the violet chaos emerald. He tells them to make it into ring and when the shopkeepers look at him oddly he says that she loves flashy jewelry and to give a couple diamonds too because her birthday is coming up. Topaz and Rouge see him walk out and grin.

At Chrisí home Tanaka answers the phone and tells Chris that his dad was on the phone. Tails thinks that it is Chuck on the phone but Amy clues him on that it his dad on the phone and that if it was Chuck he would have said grandpa. Tails gets it and grins. Chris meanwhile tells his dad that Lindsey is filming and Chris says that he will be there also. They all decide to meet in Filmdom City. In the hanger Tails is placing the emeralds in the plane and Chris asks how many more that they need, Tails tells that the four emerald that they have will react if they add another emerald to their collection and Amy reminds them that they need to go meet his dad. Stuart sees the X Tornado fly overhead and instantly jumps into his car to follow them.

At the studio Chrisí dad is looking at the emerald when they arrive to greet his dead. The emerald that Sonic has on him starts glowing and Chrisí dad thanks Sonic for the race he won. Chris introduces his friends and is surprised to see that Stuart has appeared suddenly without notice. Chuck shows up and wonders why they are hear and tells of how he wants to give the gift to her by appearing in front of her while she films dressed as a prince. He asks them what they think and Tanaka says it is almost as original when he wished her a happy birthday by skydiving onto the set. Nelson reveals the emerald, which reacts violently to the blue emerald that Sonic has on him. Topaz and Rouge are in the vents watching and are just as surprised. The emeralds release the light and Eggman spots the glowing light and decide to head out. Knuckles too has also spotted the glowing from his red emerald.

Nelson finally closes the box and stops the reaction, he wonders what is going on and Tanaka changes the subject telling him to go get ready. Sonic says that they need the emerald and Tails suggest that they talk to Chris about it. Stuart meanwhile was following the adults and dives to the side to report in. On the set everyone seems ready for the surprise when Knuckles shows up on the set wondering what is going on, Sonic says that he does not know. When the filming starts the plan goes on good until Nelson trips and opens the box to reveal the emerald, which starts a reaction between the three emeralds. The energy produced causes blowouts and Sonic tells Nelson to put it back into the box. Tanaka steps forward and does so. Lindsey gets upset at Nelsonís surprise and the two start arguing, Chuck tries to calm down and they tell him to butt out. Stuart sarcastically calls the crisis team to stand ready. Knuckles wants to get the emerald but Sonic gets him to stop because he does not want the anniversary spoiled. Eggman suddenly appears and the three sarcastically laugh at him showing up. Turning all the confusion Rouge sweeps down and steals the emerald during all the mess. Eggman appears and takes it from her hands. Topaz and Rouge try to get it off him. Stuart tries to be a hero but Rouge and Topaz and thrown off and hit Stuart sending all three into the water.

Knuckles and Sonic go to get the emerald when Eggman summons his robot. The two are forced to deal with the fire-breathing robot and when it goes after the Thorndykes, Tanaka steps up and tries to be a hero, he is quickly swatted aside by its tail. Knuckles wonder what is wrong with him and Sonic says that it was too many Kung Fu movies. Knuckles grabs the tail of the robot and tries to stop it but throws him off. Sonic comes in with a spin attack and leads the robot off.

Meanwhile Eggman is wearing the emerald on his finger while Sonic leads the robot through the various movie sets trying to stop it. He runs into a dead end and tries to get away but the robot stops it. Knuckles finds Sonic and thinks that he is underwater however he sees the trick and tells Sonic to jump as he smashes the tank and causes the fire breath of the robot to become useless. Knuckles comes up and slams the robot with Sonic quickly behind to destroy it. Eggman sees this and quickly takes off with the emerald. The family thanks Nelson for saving them and when Tanaka says that he has failed, Chris and his mom tell him that it is okay and the celebration goes on with the anniversary even though the ring was stolen. The episode ends with Sonic telling Knuckles that everything ending worked out and Knuckles tells him that Eggman got away with the emerald. Rouge is above and says that she will get the emeralds no matter what.