US Title: "Little Chaos Lost"

The episode starts with Chris and his friends and Mr. Stuart on a trip. Amy gets upset that they are so far away and Francis and Danny reassure her that it is going to be fine. Tails asks where the best place to set up camp is and Chris tells him that it is to the north. Meanwhile Stuart contacts his headquarters about the bus schedule. He then gets them to line up and Tails wonders why Stuart came along, Francis only suggests that he wanted to come along for fun. Sonic meanwhile does not want to go camping and decides to go explore the city.

On the bus everyone is looking at the beautiful scenery and when the bus arrives at the stop Tanaka is there to greet them. Chris compliments on Tanakaís homeland being so beautiful and Tanaka thanks them. When Tanaka goes to lead them, Stuart takes out his flag and decides to take over leading instead. In the city Sonic is busy running around exploring. Amy is watching Tanaka make lunch and asks Stuart to help make the dressing for the salad. Stuart actually decides to have some fun and relax instead of always watching Chris. Meanwhile he and Danny are bug catching and Tails is amazed at a beetle that curled up. Elsewhere Cream and Francis are playing in a small pool when Cheese floats off into the river. Tanaka tells them that the river splits in two and there is no way that he can tell which way the current went. Tails and Amy comfort Cream and Tanaka says that most of the water is shallow and that Cheese may be stuck in sand. They decide to start a search party.

Elsewhere Eggman, Bocoe, and Decoe are busy walking through the forest and finally overcoming to the heat he orders the two to fan him. Bocoe and Decoe want to go back to the Egg Fort, but Eggman says that they are roughing it no matter what. Bokkun arrives and informs him that Chris and the others are there. They spy on them while they are trying to find Cheese, Eggman thinks that they are looking for a chaos emerald. While watching them Eggman gets upset when a mosquito bites and orders for all the bugs to get insecticide when another bug bites him causing him to break out.

Chris hears Eggman and thinks that someone else was there; Stuart just says someone else may be camping. They come to a tunnel but it is too small for Stuart; Chris, Danny, France, Tails, and Cream head in while Stuart tracks Chris on his watch. Back in the city Sonic comes across a baker and when she sees Sonic she offers him one and he enjoys it giving his compliments. Back at the tunnel they exit it to find a massive chao garden. The chao in the garden play around with them while Cream looks for Cheese; she finds her and comes out of the water. Chris and the others decide to look around to enjoy the place. Sonic meanwhile is enjoying the attention and making everyone go wild. Back in the garden Chris asks Tails if there is colonies on his planet and Tails says that they are many but they are all kept secret because the water has to stay clean.

Eggman however is walking through the forest and gets upset at their complaining. Decoe opens his knapsack to reveal a portable slot machine that he uses to summon one of his robots, E-66. Using a remote he activates the giant robot that flies off. Back at the campsite Amy and Tanaka are about to finish making lunch and Amy is amazed to learn that Tanaka was a little boy once. Stuart comes up and seems upset that Chris and the others havenít returned. He says that he lost contact with Chris and hopes that they were ok when a robot suddenly flies overhead. Chris and the others say goodbye to the chao and head back through the tunnel. On the other side Cheese is upset that they left the other chao and Chris says that maybe next year they can return, Cheese perks up when the Eggman robot suddenly arrives. When asked to hand over the chaos emerald Chris has no clue what is going on and Eggman does not care. Chris tries to tell him that there are not any emeralds around there and Eggman gets even more upset and orders the robot to start attacking. However, the robot is too big and loses its footing sliding down the mountain and sending tons of mud into the water. The group runs off to try and safe the colony while Eggman and the others dig out the E-66 when they spot Sonic in the field.

Eggman tries to tell Sonic that they were only site seeing when Sonic sees most of the mountain cleared in one huge row of trees. Eggman tries to tell him that he needed the vacation and Eggman tries to attack him. Throwing his bag off he runs down the robot then back up and through it picking up his bag as he lands and sending Eggman flying. Stuart, Tanaka, and Amy come up and say what happened to Chris, he throws the bag, which they drop to reveal odd toys. In the chao garden everyone is trying to clear the mud out of the river when Sonic shows up. He tells them to let him take care of it and moving to a safe distance he runs around the pool until mud starts flying everywhere. Eventually the water is cleaned and he stops to reveal everyone covered in mud. The chao dive into the water and Sonic calls them all muddy. Chris thanks him for helping and later that night Chris says that Tanaka must have known about the colony all along, Tanaka agrees and Chris says he will always keep it a secret. It ends with everyone enjoying the night.