US Title: "Sonicís Scream Test"

The episode starts by showing off an old castle, laughter echoes through the hallways and the castle. Outside though Sonic is busy taking a nap as Chrisí mom is filming a movie. Chris, Tails, and Amy are busy watching the movie when Ella shows up in costume to be a housekeeper. As the movie is being filmed the director says that it is a good take. Chrisí mom thinks that Tails is only in a costume and when they go to look at the tape Cream and Cheese are shown on the film. They say that they can erase it in postproduction. Inside the castle Sonic is exploring the hallways as more scenes in the film are being shot. However the camera gets stuck on an hourglass structure. As he goes to move it out of the way a strange glow overtakes Sonic. The cameraman decides though to move the camera instead.

As the scene goes on the cameraman has to move the statue to continue filming the proper show. He leaves it lying on the ground and later that night as Chrisí mom continues to film the scene they are forced to cut from a strange noise. Sonic though is still busy exploring the castle. They continue to try and film the scene however the strange noise continues and they decide to call it quits for the night. In her room Chrisí mom tells Chris that he is considerate when he comes to say goodnight. She hugs him and wishes him good dream. The soundman though is going through the castle trying to locate the sound. As Chris enters his room he finds only Tails reading a book. Tails says that the girls are having a sleepover and that Sonic is probably exploring as usual. Sonic finds the statue on the ground and looks at it. Inside the soundman finds the location of the noise as some ghosts appear behind him. They disappear before anything can happen.

In her room as Lindsey is cleaning her face she hears the laughter and tells the kids to come out. When she looks in the mirror she sees a ghost figure and gasps. A few minutes later everyone is trying to find where she disappeared. Inside the castle Ella, Amy, and Cream are trying to locate her when they come to a strange wall. When Ella knocks on it the ghosts appear and all three of them scream. Moving in quickly Chris and Tails are the first they to find that only Ellaís arm is sticking out. Amy tries to pull her out but it is too late. Sonic appears and says that he does not believe in ghosts, he smashes the wall as dozens of arms come out. Tails is taken next then Sonic, he tosses the statue at Chris as the wall rebuilds itself Sonic says that it is important and where he found it. Amy tries hammering on the wall and eventually breaks down into tears.

The next day they find the pedestal and read the inscription on the platform. Chris says that something may be under it as he feels the air rushing up. Amy uses her hammer to knock it away and when Amy goes to head down the stairs Chris says they should let the police check it out. Amy shrugs it off and continues down the stairs with Chris following her. They come across the ghosts and when Amy holds up the statue the ghosts run off quickly. Amy takes off to spook the ghosts and they go deeper into the castle. Entering a room they find only a shelve in the room and calling out Sonicís name they look up to see their friends. Sonic tries to tell Amy something, however his voice is distorted and tells Amy to put the statue in the wall. However what Sonic is really trying to say is not to. The fake voice tells her to place it with the moon side facing upwards. As Amy does it without thinking it emits a light that allows for the king of the ghosts to break through. The ghost reveals his fake voice and thanks Amy.

Sonic tells them not to try taking it on, however Amy brings out her hammer and tries to attack the ghost. However it just disappears and grabs her. Amyís body is taken over by a ghost and as Chris goes to make sure that she is okay the, ghost goes after Chris in Amyís body. Falling on the floor he is about to be attacked when he dodges at the last second. Sonic tells Chris that he needs to get him out of there, as Chris is cornered the ghost suddenly stops near the statue. Chris flips it so the sun side now shows up and the ghosts gasp as Sonic is freed from the prison. He grabs Amy as the ghost leaves Amy. He begins attacking the ghosts with Amy also using her hammer to smash the ghosts. As they merge into a larger one she uses her anger to smash it into the wall knocking it out. Everyone else has come through and Chris wakes up his mom. She only thinks that it is a movie take and Sonic orders them to get moving. Tails tosses a power ring and using it he goes after the king ghost with Chris running off with the statue. Knocking the rubble onto it Sonic takes off and tells them to hurry when he catches back up to them. Chrisí mom only thinks they are still filming. He grabs her when the king goes comes after them again. As they reach the surface Amy slams the pedestal shut and Chris drops the statue so that the moon side is facing up. Sonic tells him that Chris messed up big time. Chrisí mom only thinks that they are still filming and an officer says that no one ever got free from down there before. The officer goes onto tell them of the story and that the man who built the castle disappeared on the first night. The episode ends with two of the ghosts laughing in the window.