US Title: "Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk"

The episode starts with Knuckles thinking to himself and being upset that he may have no chance of getting home. He remembers two months ago that he found a temple and decided to explore it. He then hears a voice and rescues a man who is almost going to be crushed alive. The man is known as Hawk and thanks Knuckles for saving his life. Knuckles then goes onto say that a few weeks later he finds himself walking through the city looking for a place. A man offends Knuckles by mistaking him for Sonic and leads Knuckles to the place he is looking for. Entering the building there are a couple of people staring at him as well as two hidden figures. Knuckles asks for Hawk and the shopkeeper says that he has never heard of the man. Knuckles calls the man a liar and the group of men step up to attack Knuckles. He quickly takes care of them without a problem and suddenly another large man appears in the doorway. He approaches Knuckles and is told that Knuckles is looking for Hawk. The man says he has been expecting Knuckles and tells him to follow him. The two hidden figures reveal themselves as Bocoe and Decoe who go to report to Eggman.

Leading Knuckles down some stairs he opens the door and Knuckles tells him to go first. When the door is closed Knuckles falls down a tunnel. Stopping himself he makes sure that he is safe and lands. He spots Hawk and tells him that he decided to drop in. Out in the ocean Eggman knows of Knuckles and where he is. Using his slot machine he selects a robot. Knuckles learns that Hawk has seen the red emerald and he only dreams of going back home to guard the master emerald forever. Hawk learns that Knuckles only wants the emerald because he wants to go home.

Just as Hawk is about to reveal where the emerald is located Knuckles notices that there is a bug on the wall and changes the subject. He points out the bug to Hawk and they continue talking. Knuckles tells Hawk to talk quieter. Elsewhere the man is listening on the radio and turns on the volume. Knuckles shouts into the bug sending the man to the ground from the noise. They decide to go get Knuckles, but he has already broken out with Hawk. Picking up a taxi they take off, with Rouge appearing above them. Hawk gives directions to the taxi driver having them stop in front of an abandoned building. They head down to a downed subway where Hawk reveals the emerald to be under a lose rail tie. He opens the bag to reveal the emerald, which he goes to hand to Knuckles.

However, Eggman appears and as he goes to attack Eggman he sees that it is only a hologram. Turning around he sees Hawk captured by the rickshaw driver who reveals herself to be a robot ninja working for Eggman. Above the city Eggman watches as Hawk loses the emerald. Knuckles fights the robot however is moves too fast for him and as the subway begins to collapse he has to grab Hawk and leave the emerald to save their lives. Rouge meanwhile is above the surface and wakes up from being attacked. She spots Eggman and decides to take off. Just as the subway is about to cave in Knuckles leaps up and saves their lives as the road collapses above.

The next day at Hawk’s house they are watching the news report. Knuckles is upset that he lost the emerald and smashes a rafter apart. It is then that he spots his shovel claws and grins knowing he can use them. Back at the ruble he begins to dig his way though the rock until he has dug far enough that he finds the emerald. Climbing back up he sees Hawk is missing. Bokkun arrives with a message telling Knuckles to move it. Bokkun tries to show off some karate moves but Knuckles seems unimpressed.

That night Knuckles approaches the building with the emerald in his hand. He tosses it over to the ninja but Rouge appears and knocks it out of the way. Knuckles jumps up and grabs Hawk as Rouge tries to keep away from the ninja. The emerald is knocked out of her hand and as the robot tires to grab the jewel Knuckles appears and grabs it. He tosses it to Hawk who runs off with Knuckles trying to stop the robot. Rouge decides to leave and Hawk tries his best to escape the ninja. Running to a dead end wall the ninja grabs the emerald only to be stopped by Knuckles. The two get into a fight, however Knuckles is stronger and knocks the robot down. When encased in an electric net Hawk rushes to the rescue and dumps water all over the robot causing it to short circuit. Knuckles punches it into the air and Hawk hands over the red emerald smiling. The episode ends with Knuckles leaving with Hawk hoping that Knuckles will come back one day to visit him. Knuckles waves and promises that he will return one day. Knuckles can only grin as he sees a message saying there is a mystery behind the seven emeralds. With one last look into the sky Knuckles can only wonder what exactly is going on.