US Title: "Thatís What Friends are For"

Inside the capitol the aid is congratulating the president on all the publicity he will get. However the president shows that Sonic is the real hero and warns the president that if they do not act fast they will make Sonic president. He tells the aid to stay calm and the aid comes up with planning a victory celebration and make Sonic the guest of honor. He thinks that with this he will be reelected without a problem, the president just sighs.

At the mansion a letter arrives for Sonic, however he is taken off and the group decides to read the letter seeing that it is an invitation to the ball. They all decide that they can go too since the letter says so. When Sonic comes back he tells of the invitation and Sonic says that he cannot make it because he promised Helen that he would spend the day with her, which happens to be the same day the party is. He explains how he met her down by the lake and that he helped her get out of the mud puddle since her wheelchair is stuck there. She tells him that her father always promised to take her to the island, but her father is too busy. Sonic promises that he will take her to the island. Sonic speeds off to get ready.

As the party starts up the aid can only go crazy as he hears that Sonic is here. However everyone but Sonic gets out of the limo dresses up in their clothes but the aid gets upset when he does not see Sonic. Chuck tells the aid that Sonic is not coming and the group races off to the party. The news crews get ready to leave and the aid tells them to stay and for a group of people to find Sonic and grab him. At the mansion the team busts in and Ella tells him that Sonic is not there. She tells them to get out and the group gets ready to search the place. Ella calls Tanaka and he throws the three men out of the house. The aid tells the military to capture Sonic at all costs. They quickly mobilize and locate Sonic who is with Helen. He leaves her to go get the boat.

At the house Sonic looks for the boat when the military comes in and tries to capture him. Sonic kicks a missile back and he takes off with the boat in his hands. The police try to catch him but give up and decide to go for lunch. Back at the lake Sonic arrives with the boat and gets ready to take off. Both of them sit in the boat rowing towards the island and Helen wishes that if her father did not work so hard that they could be together more often. As they approach the coast of the island a group of helicopters begin to descend upon the tiny boat.

Using a grappling hook they try to boat to the shore as Sonic removes the hook he attaches it to the wheelchair and they swing onto the island. However they fall back on the cliff and Sonic uses his speed to run straight up putting them in safety. Sonic tells Helen not to cry, but she is laughing happy that she is having an adventure. The helicopter team reappears and sends another group to take Sonic.

Deep in the forest Helen says that she loves her parents very much and understands that they are only trying to provide for her and thanks Sonic for the fun time. Suddenly a group of men on hovercrafts chase after Sonic through the forest. Using his speed he manages to get most of the crafts to spin out of control and crash. Almost running into a wall of rock Sonic is forced to stop and sees that there are still more people approaching. He runs up the hill leaving the group of people to crash into the wall. As they look at where they are they see a bed of white flowers are far as they can see. Both of them stand in awe at the beauty of the field and Sonic goes to pick some. Helen stops him and says that it wants to be just as beautiful when she brings her parents back.

The men however begin climbing up the wall and not wanting to ruin the flowers Sonic takes off in another direction with more men, giving chase on the hovercrafts. They are forced to stop at the cliff with the men surrounding Sonic. Just then a helicopter comes up and with a split second move he gets the cables to tie each other up and climbs up the rope. Knocking the pilot out of the copter he detaches the rope and flies the helicopter grabbing Helenís wheelchair. They take off and fly over the flowers getting another look at them before they take off. Back in the city Helen thanks Sonic for the adventure and when he is reminded of seeing the president Helen convinces Sonic to see the president. He lands with Helen and when the aid tries to get the new screw to take pictures they are all asleep at the table. The aid passes out and everyone just laughs at him.

Back at Helenís house she is telling her parents of her entire adventure for the day. They sit there a little stunned at the story that she is telling. She asks for more soup and her parents walk off into the kitchen and decide that they will spend more time with her. Helen calls them back and she continues to tell her story. The episode ends with Sonic sitting in a tree watching them happily.