US Title: "Beating Eggman Part 1"

The episode starts off with Sonic on the roof looking at a magazine; he says that he’s seen every place on the planet except places he would have to swim to. Inside Cream and Cheese are watching TV when Ella comes in with a snack for them. Suddenly there is a news report that says that the president is going to take action against Dr. Eggman. At Eggman’s base he is also watching the news report and the questions being asked. Eggman laughs as he figures that no matter they cannot stop him. Elsewhere Knuckles is busy looking for a Chaos Emerald when he sees the X Tornado fly overhead, he follows off to keep up with it. Inside the plane is Tails, Chris, Amy, and Francis (Chris’ other friend). As she asks to fly over the school Tails reminds them to stay on the mission. Tails asks where he got his new goggles and says that his teacher gave them to him.

In a parking lot Stuart is sitting in his car tracking them with the device inside the goggles. Inside the capital the group is beginning to plan their attack on the base while Topaz and Rouge argue who should get credit. The group plans to attack from the front with a decoy team while a special team attacks from the backside to attack the power generator. The group says they are ready to force Sonic into being on their side but the President sent a more diplomatic team.

At the mansion Ella answers the door and when asks to see Sonic, Ella says that she has no clue who he is talking about. The aid reminds Ella that she does and shows her some information, after being threatened she closes the door only to reopen it with a bucket of water to throw on people. Tanaka comes downstairs as Ella comes up looking at her strangely. Without Sonic’s aid they decide to go ahead without Sonic and let Rouge take the star role in going after Eggman.

Back in the city Stuart is trying his best to keep up with the X Tornado, which makes a turn to the South East. Stuart seeing this turns around right on the freeway and heads back. However, the X Tornado has already landed in a field of corn. Chris wants to get out and look, but Tails converts the X Tornado into an "all purpose" X Cyclone a plane with legs. While looking around the field the group decides to get out once they pinpoint the emerald and say the X Cyclone will dig for them, Tails gets a little nervous and says that it is not and Chris and Francis run off to get a shovel from the farmhouse.

At the capitol the president decides to release his forces with Knuckles standing watch over it wondering. A surveillance crew is already watching the base while inside Eggman is watching infomercials. The screen picks up another signal telling Eggman of where a new Emerald is. Grinning he selects his robot, Fun Fun, a giant fan. Taking off with it he leaves his base unguarded. Seeing this the military gets ready to attack the base.

Meanwhile in the cornfield the group of four is digging when Eggman shows up with his robot. Tails jumps into the X Tornado to attack, Chris and France go to call Sonic, but the giant fan activates Tails is blown back into the ground with the plane landing on its side. Amy, Chris, and Francis are all struck by the powerful wind and pinned to the ground. Even Tails is unable to get the X Tornado to move. The wind picks up Chris’ goggles and carries them off, Stuart not knowing any better follows the signal.

Back at Eggman’s base the military begins launching its attack against the base. Bocoe and Decoe launch a counter attack against the military using all of the weapons that Eggman has at their disposal. On another part of the island, a team lead by Rouge moves in to shut down the base. The president interrupts the channels to announce that they have launched an attack against Eggman. Cream spots this and runs off to tell Sonic. While telling his message the military is trying its best to take down the base, however they are losing more than winning. As Rouge’s team breaks into the base the base is getting ready to launch a second wave with Knuckles on board one of the planes.

As Sonic gets word he goes to get Tails he sees that he is gone and Chuck tells them that they have already left. Stuart finds the goggles in the field and hopes that Chris is ok. However he is pinned down by the wind with Amy using pegs to try and catch up to them to help them. Tails changes the plane back to the walker mode and tries to take on Eggman, however he turns the wind up and loses control of the X Cyclone being blown into the air. Stuart calls the mansion using a disguised voice and tells them where Chris and the others are. The episode ends with Sonic racing off to the rescue.