US Title: "Fly Spy"

The episode starts out with Rouge making her way into a museum. Inside a heavily guarded room is a bright diamond. The guards on duty however are playing a game of cards as they sport Rouge and sound the alarm. Rouge easily steals the diamond and finds the place being put into a complete lock down. As the guards go to stop her they find the room completely empty. They look up to see the entire dome has been raises off the building and that Rouge has escaped holding the diamond.

Meanwhile in Chuck’s lab Cream and Cheese are watching as the news tells that there has been a massive series of jewels stolen in recent days. Amy appears with a pizza looking for Sonic, however he is not there and gives to pizza to them. Meanwhile in the air Sonic is sitting on the plane with a baseball. Chris and Tails are in the plane and Chris wonders where Sonic went when they rolled the plane.

At the capitol the president is telling them that Eggman needs to be taken down. One man tells him that Eggman’s technology is too far advanced for them to handle. Another suggest joining up with Sonic and the president agrees after being reassured.

Back a school, Chris is in class painting an emerald red. Stuart tells him that most emeralds are green and Chris says that he will restart but is told he can paint it any color. Stuart then goes onto say that they found a red emerald in an old factory outside the town. Chris jumps up suddenly excited as Stuart tells him of it. Rouge is outside hearing everything and she takes off. After school Chris runs off towards the house and the group is introduced to Danny, Chris’ friend. Chris wonders where Sonic went when Tails tells him that he has taken off. The X Tornado launches off into the air with Amy, Chris, and Danny.

Sonic however is at the crossroads when he spots the X Tornado. The two take off in the wrong direction, as Rouge appears from the behind the bush revealing that she has changed the signs. As she enters the factory she looks around before suddenly being ambushed by dozens of armed officers. A young woman steps forward and goes to handcuff Rouge who she calls an old lady. The men all laugh and the woman tries to get them to stop laughing. The commanding officer comes forward and finds out that Rouge is the one who stole the jewel. Elsewhere in a forest Sonic is still trying to find the factory and everyone in the plane is extremely hungry.

At the capitol Rouge is trying to get a cup of coffee the young women whose name is Topaz is ordered to get her a cup of coffee. Then the president enters the room and sits down to talk to her. A deal is struck with Rouge that if she joins their team that she will be dropped of all charges against her. Rouge wonders why they want her on the team and Rouge agrees to it hoping that she can get closer to a chaos emerald. She is also told that as long as she does not talk she can keep her diamond. Back at the crossroads the team heads in the other direction.

Later that knight aboard a plane a bomb is attached to Rouge’s arm and she is told that as long as she does, as it she is told to they will not set it off. Rouge continues to call Topaz an old lady as they approach Eggman’s base. Finally the group arrives at the factory to find that the place is empty. Meanwhile at Eggman’s base the group is looking over Eggman’s base trying to find an entrance. Rouge takes off and finds it throwing the rope down. Inside the base they quickly begin moving through the base diagramming it on their computers.

Up in the control center Eggman is napping unaware that below the team is trying to find the power core of the base. They continue on leaving Rouge by herself. She gets an idea and asks if she can look around. Topaz goes with her and is handed the remote control to cause the device to explode. As they continue to look around Rouge knocks out one of the doors to reveal the Chaos Emerald being held in a container. A security device activates and Topaz is attacked by a robot. Rouge tries to help; however the robot emits a sound wave that immobilizes Rouge sending her to the ground. The sound is heard throughout the base and wakes up Eggman sending him to the floor.

Rouge tries to move but cannot move at all as Eggman releases another robot to try and stop Rouge. As missiles and bullets are shot through the base Topaz finds the generator. Rouge tries once more to free Topaz but is stopped by the sound. Jumping around she gets the robots to destroy themselves leaving only the sound robot left. It emits another sound as Rouge takes off the bomb and throws it into the robot causing all the sound to stop. Topaz pushes the button and the robot explodes releasing her. Eggman meanwhile is running in trying to get there only to see Rouge and Topaz fly past and then his robot explode right in front of him. Making their way out Topaz tries to thank Rouge only to be told to lose some weight.

The episode ends with Chris and Danny being woken up in class by Stuart and told to go to bed on time. Chris wonders how they new they were on an adventure and Stuart tells him it’s just a wild guess.