US Title: "Unfair Ball!"

The episode starts with Tails smiling at the X Tornado handling so well. Just then the emeralds glows and Tails makes a landing towards a baseball field. He just barely manages to avoid crashing into the ground. A few moments later Tails is slowly making his way onto the field. He stands in awe at it and flies around to look at the field. It is then he spots the groundskeeper and grabs his attention. He is stunned at Tailsí appearance and Tails promises he wonít hurt him. Tails tells him what happens and apologizes about flying so low. He compliments the groundskeeper on keeping the stadium looking so well. He then tells Tails that the Diamond Stadium will be torn down soon he then reminds Tails that he said emerald. Tails shows him the green emerald and the groundskeeper has the light blue one. The two react and a bright light shoots up into the sky spotted by everyone including Knuckles and Eggman. Grinning Eggman pulls out a baseball and grins.

At the house Ella is teaching everyone which silverware to use and other etiquette. Sonic asks why they are doing this and Chris tells that him that it is proper. Just then Bokkun appears with a message telling Sonic to look out the window. They see the light in the distant and Cream tells them it is from a Chaos Emerald. Sonic says that it is two emeralds. Eggman challenges them to a baseball game for a game for the emeralds. Bokkun laughs as he bats baseballs at all of them. Ella grabs Bokkun and sends him flying, a few seconds later all of them take off for the baseball stadium.

At Diamond Stadium Eggman appears and spots Tails. He wonders where the rest of the team is and Tails shouts at him that he wonít give the emeralds to Eggman. Tails has no clue what is going on and Eggman explains that he is going to take the emeralds. Tails jumps out of the way as a claw races towards him. However Eggman takes the emerald from the groundskeeper and tells Tails to give him the emerald. Tails takes off running as Knuckles appears and smashes the claw. Eggman wonders why Knuckles has come and just as they are about to leave, Sonic appears in the stadium. Eggman already explains that he has one of the emeralds as the rest of the team arrives.

Eggman brings in an air ship and robot ball players land on the ground ready to play for Eggman. Tails says that he wonít play here and Chuck steps in telling them that a baseball game will be great, Tails seems a little upset at this and tries to get them to play somewhere else. However his words go unnoticed even when he screams in their ears. The groundskeeper says that it will be okay to play on the grounds. He finally introduces himself as Albert. Chuck remembers him as good friends with the team owner. Chuck gathers up the team consisting of everyone on the good side, Sonic wonders though why Tanaka has to be on their team. Playing a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who plays first, Knuckles stops them from playing the game. Knuckles is pressured into playing the game and seems very upset at being forced to play.

As the game starts, Chris is up to bat first and is struck out from the fast pitching of the robot. Next in is Tails who is also struck out. Finally Amy comes up and using her hammer as a bat she swings into the air almost for a homerun until one of the robots is thrown into the air and is out. Switching sides Amy starts to pitch and hits the first batter. One robot steals a base and before Tails can get him out the robot jumps over him and lands safely. As one robot almost hits a homerun as Sonic grabs it, however it is still a homerun as he was outside the fence. Knuckles comes up to base in the next set and hits a homerun before any robot can do anything. Suddenly the news team arrives and begins showing scenes from the game. The score is shown to be 35 to 32. Tanaka is taken out and Cheese is put in his place. However with Cheese being so short the chao easily gets four balls and Cream steps up next. Flirting with the robot Cream easily gets to take her base and Knuckles comes up with another homerun to tie the game.

Chris notices that the field is actually being filled with people. Sonic bats the ball and quickly takes his base before the robots can react. Chris comes up to bat and gets a strike as he flinches. Sonic calls a timeout and gives him some support telling him that he just needs to concentrate. With a swing Chris strikes out or so he thinks, however he manages to get to first base as Sonic has already made his run putting them up by one. Eggman gets upset and one head from the robot attaches to Sonicís head. He is told to run as it will explode and Sonic takes off trying to get it off his head. Knuckles tells him to jump and he knocks it off Sonicís head just in time. Eggman declares himself the real winner and takes off leaving the team to a cheering crowd. Just then the owner of the team appears to Al and tells him he that he will need his help to the new stadium. The episode ends with Chuckís words of advice saying they will be stronger next time.