US Title: "Missile Wrist Rampage"

The episode starts out with a shot of the clouds, which reveals an island. Located on the island is Eggman’s base. Inside Eggman begins to plan his world domination plans and starts on one city. He quickly selects a robot, Missile Wrist, to take down the city.

Meanwhile a game of basketball is going on and below in the sewers is Knuckles and Amy walking through. Knuckles blames Sonic for everything that’s happened while Amy is trying to make

Knuckles see that is wasn’t Sonic’s fault but more of Eggman’s. Amy gets so upset that she threatens to stay put if Knuckles doesn’t listen, however she reconsiders and runs after.

On the beach, everyone is enjoying a good time when suddenly a dark spot appears in the water. A woman goes to get a lost ball when Eggman’s robot suddenly appears. Everyone runs in terror and scatters as the robot begins to demolish everything in site. It slowly begins making its way into the city. Eggman appears and gets ready to move in.

While at Chris’ Tails is busy working on keeping the Tornado clean. Cream and Cheese are eating when Chris suddenly comes in asking where Sonic is. Cream tells him that he’s gone downtown, Chris thinks that he may get captured and wants him to come back.

Downtown thought the police are busy trying to stop Eggman’s robot but nothing they are trying it working. Eggman is incredibly bored as the police use flamethrowers on the robot. Eggman claims they can’t win and demands that they surrender the city and unleashes the robot on the police. Tails is up in the sky trying to find Sonic while Chris and Chuck are on the ground in park looking for him. Chuck tells him to move on and they drive off. Sonic though is nowhere close and is actually in a mountain range enjoying the sites. Quickly running down the slope he jumps a large canyon and free falls, laughing all the way.

Down in the sewers Knuckles and Amy are walking still. Amy tries to lighten things up by doing some casual conversation. Knuckles is asked if they will ever get home and he says that no matter what they will. Suddenly they feel the robot above them and move up a ladder. The robot itself is making its way downtown and flattening everything that’s in its path. Marching into a bank it demolishes everything and scans around seeing everyone fleeing. Eggman watches and demands that it goes to the roof. Raising its arm it blasts through the building landing on top. Eggman introduces himself toeveryone and tells everyone that he is going to take over the entire world and demands that everyone bows down to him.

Tails and the others see it and begin to move into action, while the Chief of police tries to get Eggman to stand down. Using some force he has the robot smash a police car right in front of the chief. Eggman asks if he will surrender the city, the chief says the mayor is the only one that can.

With the Tornado running Tails is waiting on Chris who quickly hops into the plane and after being wished good luck the two lift off towards the city. The mayor has finally appeared and tells Eggman he won’t stand down. He unleashes another attack, which damages a building. The mayor however says that he doesn’t have the power to surrender the city. Eggman then demands the robot destroy the city, but before he can finish it, Tails dive-bombs him. Eggman orders the robot to shoot down Tails. Using some good flying skills Tails files some bullets at the robot, however they only bounce off of it. The robot fires its claw at the plane and manages to clip off a wing. Trying to regain control, Tails converts the plane to jet mode and flies back to try and stop the robot, only able to dodge the attacks. Below Knuckles and Amy see what’s going on and Amy rushes off to help Tails. Knuckles quickly follows, but Amy is angry at him and takes the elevator up. Knuckles spots some stairs and runs off that way.

Meanwhile Sonic is running quickly back towards the city when he sees a newscast of what’s going on with Eggman laughing. He spots Tails in trouble and speeds off back towards the city. Knuckles appears on the roof first and gets ready to attack, when Amy appears with her hammer. She tries to attack the robot, but it does nothing to the robot except get her caught in its pincers. Knuckles tries to help but Eggman stops him saying he’ll have the robot crush her if he moves.

Tails is worried that Sonic won’t show when Chris sees him coming. Eggman gets worried as Tails comes down and has Chris hand Sonic a power ring. Using it he speeds towards the building. Eggman orders the robot to fie and it launches missiles after tossing Amy who Knuckles catches. The missiles hit something and Eggman thinks he’s won, but Sonic goes into the air and as the robot tries to use its pincers, Sonic hops back and forth and harasses the robot, and when it pulls back Sonic gets it to destroy one of its own arms. After surviving a missile barrage Sonic uses his speed to smash right through the robot destroying it completely. Eggman makes his retreat after having a few choice words with Sonic.

Amy rushes in and hugs Sonic so happy that he is ok, but Sonic only wants to get free. The building is then covered by police who point their guns at the three. Knuckles gets ready to attack them, but Tails appears with a ladder and Sonic, holding Amy, grabs on. They both plead with Knuckles to follow; he does while being shot at. At the last second he grabs the ladder. Chris offers to go back to his house, but Knuckles declines and jumps off, gliding back to the ground. Sonic shrugs it off and tells them not to worry about it, that’s how he works. They fly off back towards Chris’ house, a day over with Eggman defeated.