US Title: "Sonic to the Rescue"

With an opening shot of Chrisís house, his mother states that sheís stopped shooting a movie because of heavy rain, but sheís been heavily shopping and is going to be sending them home. Chris admits that he swam at night in the adult pool. His mother worried, Chris says he pulled a cat out of it, but his mother says to get Mr. Tanaka next time. Sonic hopes down and says heís a hedgehog and not a cat. Chris apologizes and says his mother wouldnít understand. Sonic wonders why, and Chris says she wouldnít understand a blue talking hedgehog. Sonic is asked when he learned to talk and says he canít remember. Chrisí dad calls to make sure that everything is ok, and gives him the talk; Chris admits that he is ok. Chris assures that everything is going ok, and his dad gives a double check before hanging up. Sonic just shakes his head, and Chris goes to get Sonic some food. However, Chris gives Sonic cat food, which Sonic does not want at all. After suggesting some crickets, Sonic speeds off even though Chris pleads for him to stop and to come back.

A quick flash shows a news report about Sonic and last night, it pans out to show that Sonic has returned to Chrisí house and is eating happily. An old man comes in and states the report heís just heard; he then sees Sonic and Chris tries to cover him up. Thinking that Sonic is a machine, he takes a screwdriver and tries to get inside Sonic. Chris finally stops him and tells his grandfather that he is not a machine. With a sudden story, the TV shows Cream and Cheese on top of a billboard. Sonic states that heís going to save Cream and Cheese and runs off, but Chris follows and asks if he knows where they are. Speeding back Sonic admits that he doesnít have a single clue.

Inside the garage, Chrisí grandfather finds that Cream and Cheese have been moved to Area 99. Chris explains to Sonic exactly what Area 99 is, a large military base. Sonic shrugs it off and gets ready to go, Chris tries to stop him, and his grandfather lowers the garage door. He says Sonic will need some help getting in there and drags Chris along too.

Out in the desert, Sonic is getting impatient; to settle him Chris gives Sonic an infrared scope to find any motion alarms to make sure nothing goes off. With a smile Sonic speeds off at top speed towards the base and Chrisí grandfather floors the car to try and keep up.

Just outside the base, there are alarms and cameras surrounding the entire base. On one camera the base is watching as a scientist enters a high security area. Walking in he sees Cream and Cheese stuck in a glass tube pleading to let them out. The scientists are unconcerned as they scan Cream.

Speeding towards the base, Sonic is told to go in through an air vent. Taking the earpiece the grandfather tells Sonic to move as quickly as possible. With a grin Sonic jumps the fence and is spotted. As the cameras try and keep up Sonic jumps into an air vent and lands spotting all the infrared sensors. He drops down through an air vent to avoid the sensors. The hallway is lined with cameras and Sonic times his moves so that the cameras cannot see him.

Inside the command center, they are rapidly trying to find Sonic, but Sonic is continuing down the hallways before the cameras can even spot him. Outside Chris and his grandfather sit and watch. The next shot shows a large scanner lowering on Cream and Cheese and scientists gathered around a monitor in shock. Sonic finds the door heís looking for and tries to figure out how to get inside. Just then, the power in the base goes down. The control room and maintenance panics and rapidly tries to get things back on. Inside the lab the glass shatters and Cream and Cheese are seen with Sonic, Cheese gives them away and they run off.

Downstairs the maintenance crew finds some small paper airplanes and they are rapidly trying to remove them. Cream thinks it was Sonicís idea, but Sonic doesnít take any credit. Just then the power comes on and the cameras find Sonic. They reveal lasers and start firing at the three. Sonic takes off with Cream in tow as alarms all over the base are going off. Chris asks if everything is ok, and Sonic says not exactly. Letting go of Cream Sonic uses the cameras themselves to take out the others and tells Cream to keep running. The base begins to go into lockdown as Cream runs towards the door. In a split second save Sonic makes it through the door to find even more cameras. All of a sudden the hallway is filled with the paper airplanes and they take out all the cameras.

The entire base goes into lockdown as cameras keep going off, eventually everything shuts down and the cameras begin to fire in random directions, completely out of control Running up some stairs Cream almost falls as the lasers cut the stairwells all around them. Using some quick jumps, Sonic makes his way up the base and away from the lasers. Breathing a sigh of relief, Sonic boosts to Cream and she thanks him. Sonic then hears an airplane and listens outside. Sonic grins and figures itís the Tornado. Outside Tails is flying around his plane and sees Sonic burst out of the building. He comes in as Sonic grabs on, with a quick hello they make their way back to Chrisí mansion.

Back home, Chris and the others introduce each other. Chrisí grandfather thinks that Tails inventions are just amazing and Tails grins happily at his accomplishments. Chris then yells at Sonic while Tails and Chrisí grandfather talk about the technology, Tails is asked how he developed it. Tails says itís nothing special and is asked where he comes from. Tails doesnít know but answers they came through a warp in time and space. Tails figures that all the others have come here too.

In another shot, along the beach a large base is seen. Inside Eggman grins and figures they were brought there by chaos control. He begins making plans to rebuild the Eggman Empire and rule the entire universe.