US Title: "Chaos Control Freak"

The episode starts out with Eggman’s base coming under attack by none other than Sonic himself. Using his super speed Sonic manages to avoid the massive barrage of bullets and missiles being shot at him as he makes his way closer and closer towards the base. Leaping over the first line of defense, Sonic encounters Eggman’s giant mech warriors. Breaking into the base, Sonic tried his best to avoid the giant mechs before he is blasted into the sky. Tails and Amy come to the rescue but are only shot down by the guard robots. Tails stays optimistic and sends Sonic a power ring. Using the energy Sonic makes a quick come back towards the base destroying everything in site, including the giant mechs.

Sonic breaks into the base while Tails and Amy are forced to make a crash landing, almost into a boulder. Knuckles comes at the last second to break the boulder and save them. Without even saying anything Knuckles turns his attention towards Sonic and states only "over kill". Inside the base Eggman’s base goes into lock down. Eggman questions why Sonic always gets in the way and Cream states because he is evil. Eggman shows his chaos emeralds and boldly states Sonic can’t stop him. Sonic appears and Eggman says that he is too late. Setting up his device, Eggman dares him to try and stop him. Sonic stands up to him, but suddenly is shot at from behind. Using some of his moves Sonic ends up in front of Eggman, which causes him to push the button on the damaged chaos machine when his own robot fires on him. The result is a massive chaos control over the entire area.

Sonic finds himself lying on the ground, waking him all he sees his black around him, suddenly lights appear and he is forced to run. As his vision becomes better, Sonic finds that he is stuck in a downtown city intersection holding traffic up. Confused he looks around wondering where he is. The citizens stare at Sonic not knowing what exactly is going on. The cops rush in and treat Sonic like a regular hedgehog. The cops greatly underestimate him and try and capture him, Sonic easily dodges them. Trying not to use violence the cops surround Sonic and try to jump him, however Sonic dodges them and the cops end up getting each other. Sonic meanwhile is on top a car and is soon put in a net, not staying still Sonic races off and leaves the cops stuck in a patrol car.

Calling out backup, the cops shut down the entire city and a roadblock in an attempt to stop him. Sonic meanwhile is running down the highway and rides on top of a cop car causing the two cops inside to be dazed as he runs off. A helicopter is called in to follow Sonic, shinning a spotlight on him, the helicopter radios towards base, which relays to a roadblock, where the cops think Sonic can’t get across. Using some jumping ability Sonic easily jumps over the roadblock. Using their last option the Speed Team is called out to stop Sonic using some Formula One racing cars. Preparing their cars, they suit up and start their engines taking off after Sonic.

Meanwhile on top of a lamppost, Sonic wonders where exactly he is and why everything looks exactly the same. He figures that Chaos Control brought him to the city and begins to wonder if he is the only one that made it to the new world, jumping down he sees the Speed Team approaching. Meeting face to face, the leader begins to chat with Sonic saying that there isn’t enough face company for them to really do something. He begins to think about a past incident, while Sonic stands there listening, the leader introduces himself as the Highway Star, and the remaining team members take off after Sonic. Running ahead of the group, Sonic jokes about how slow the S Team is, while the team itself makes modifications to their cars to catch up with him. Sonic is happy to see that he is actually being surrounded and jokes about having to escape. Jumping onto the car, Sonic gives a nice public service message to not ride on cars. Speeding off the S Team gets mad and uses everything they have to catch Sonic, who is actually teasing them by running backwards down the highway.

When the leader makes his reappearance he calls the others to back off, getting angry that someone is faster, he activates his turbo drive to catch up and blow past Sonic. Thinking that there’s no where to be beaten, Sonic comes out of no where and sonic booms the leader, forcing him to back off while Sonic goes blasting off an incomplete bridge and activates some windmills lighting up an entire city below him. Sonic starts to think that the place is great, until he starts to fall towards the pool. Getting worried he tries his best to move, but only causes a giant splash to happen waking up a young child.

Sonic, stuck on the bottom of the pool tries his best to run out of the pool, but only causes himself to stand put. Meanwhile the young kid sees Sonic and runs towards the pool. Thinking all is lost, Sonic suddenly sees a body floating towards him, reaching out it pulls Sonic out of the water and to the side of the pool. Catching his breath, the kid is stunned that Sonic can talk. The kid introduces himself as Christopher and Sonic introduces himself back.