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Quick Info
  • Title: Mega Man
  • Release Date: 1987
  • System Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
  • First Appearances: Mega Man, Roll, Dr. Thomas Light, Dr. Albert Wily, Yellow Devil (Rock Monster)
  • Robot Masters: Cut Man, Guts Man, Ice Man, Bomb Man, Fire Man, Elec Man

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    Cut Man's Stage
    Cut Man's stage is loaded with ladders and throwable blocks. There are lots of rooms here that are filled with suzies, so having some kind of relatively powerful special weapon makes this stage much more convenient.

    Cut Man
    Apparently, Cut Man's vulnerabilities include Mega Man's plasma cannon. He takes 3 points of damage for each shot. He also gets pushed back whenever he's hit, just like Mega Man. Like the rest of the first batch of Robot Masters, Cut Man wasn't designed for fighting and his attack pattern is fairly simple. Cut Man jumps very high and can throw his boomerang-like Rolling Cutter either standing or in the air. He's rather unpredictable, but it's fairly simple to just jump over the cutter and concentrate on not being under him when he lands.


    Guts Man's Stage
    The first of the rock/construction levels! This is also the only level in the game with the Met/Metall, and there are only 3 of them. Ironically, it would later become the most common enemy in the series! The hardest part of this level is the sequence of moving lifts on tracks at the beginning. Be sure to jump off when the lift goes over a thin area of the track, but time your jump so that you'll land back on the lift after it hits the thick part again. Don't jump until just before it drops you. BTW, to get the 1-up in the vertical series of rooms, walk (not jump) left off the lowest ledge in the 2nd vertical room, and keep pressing left.

    Guts Man
    The strategy here is a bit like the sequence of lifts. Guts Man jumps, and when he lands, the floor shakes, knocking Mega Man over so that Guts Man can easily hit him with a thrown block. Jump just before he lands to fully avoid the seismic attack. Stay on the 2 blocks that make a ledge when you enter the room - the extra height will make it easier ad Guts Man will just jump into your shots if you keep firing. Then, when he throws a block, jump over it and press forward. The block will break into 4 blocks, but this shouldn't matter unless it hits something before you jump over it. If it does, the jumping strategy isn't very different anyway.


    Ice Man's Stage
    Judging from the palm trees, it looks like Ice Man has frozen a normally warm area. This level is pretty much loaded with tough jumps. First, you'll get 2 rooms of the now-classic-for-MM disappearing blocks routine. Use Thunder Beam or some other special weapon to defeat the sliding enemies under the blocks. Then you need to use a path of floating lifts to get across a large gap. This is one of the toughest parts of the game, because the lifts fire at you and move very upredictably. Halfway across, flying enemies will appear, too. Magnet Beam is strongly recommended for this level. At the end of the level, if you don't have weapons powerful enough to defeat the cyclops before it reaches you, you'll have to run under it. This enemy generally makes 2 small jumps, then 1 large jump, so try to run under when it's about to do a large jump. Once you beat this level, you'll get the Ice Slasher, which makes cyclops enemies much easier.

    Ice Man
    Ice Man's Ice Slasher has a power of 10, equalled only by the Thunder Beam and Hard Man's body slam among robot master attacks. Since Rock is part of the original set of robots, perhaps Ice Slasher and Thunder Beam may be his vulnerabilities? Basically, Ice Man skates back and forth and jumps, then fires 3 Ice Slashers, one along the ground, one just higher than that, and one just higher than the middle one. They're fairly easy to avoid, but the ground is slippery and you can only take 2 hits.


    Bomb Man's Stage
    This is a very straightforward level (there seems to be little to associate it with bombs) and it's probably designed to be the first one a beginning player plays. Just be careful not to fall on any spikes and when an enemy jumps from the bottom of the screen, stand back, as it will explode and drop shrapnel to either side. The most noteworthy thing about this level is that it's the first appearance (and only appearance in this game) of Sniper Joe. It's slightly ironic that 2 of the least-used enemies in the first Mega Man game (Sniper Joe and Met/Metall) would go on to become the most frequently-reused in the series.

    Bomb Man
    Bomb Man just jumps around his room and throws bombs that have quite a bit of range in their explosions. He's the easiest boss in the game and the only trick is to stay well out of range of each bomb. Get close to him and he'll usually jump to the other side of the screen.


    Fire Man's Stage
    Fire Man's stage, not surprisingly, has lava at the bottom, and it's loaded with stationary flamethrowers. Ice Slasher is handy here, because it can freeze the flames made by vertical flamethrowers and form platforms that Mega Man can stand on. Be quick, though, as they do unfreeze.

    Fire Man
    Fire Man is the most offensively-oriented robot master in the entire Mega Man series. Since he doesn't jump or block shots, he has essentially no defense at all. He doesn't move much either, besides walking around occasionally. He stops walking and sends a barrage of fire at you whenever you shoot a weapon. You can jump over his shots, but Fire Man's shots leave a flame roughly under wherever Mega Man is when he jumps or a fire wave hits him. If you time it right, you can avoid his attacks, but if you feel like being "cheap," since Fire Man takes 2 points of damage from Mega Man's cannon and his shots and flames have a power of 4, it's possible to just out-shoot him by rapidly using the cannon.


    Elec Man's Stage
    2 things are extremely common in this level - blocks that make "bars" of lightning, and sliding enemies that are very hard to hit with the plasma cannon. The lightning blocks have an annoying habit of situating themselves next to ladders, so you'll have tobe patient here. Rolling Cutter or Fire Storm are your best bets for defeating the sliding enemies, although Hyper Bomb will work if it's all you've got.

    Magnet Beam
    The Magnet Beam is in plain sight partway through the level. It's the weird-looking item behind 3 liftable blocks. These can be cleared with Power Arm, or Thunder Beam if you've already beaten Elec Man.

    Elec Man
    HARD HARD HARD! Elec Man's Thunder Beam has a power of 10, equalled only by the Ice Slasher and Hard Man's body slam among robot master attacks. Elec Man basically jumps a lot, runs really fast, and tosses the Thunder Beam, which is rather difficult to avoid. Defeating him with the regular cannon is quite a feat. However, he is pushed back, just like Mega Man, whenever he's hit, so a good strategy is to stand on the blocks in his room so you can jump whenever he throws a Thunder Beam, and keep him at bay by firing whenever he jumps.