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Big Cheeses
Jonathan L - "Vector, Evil Vec, GameMusic"
Position: Co-Web, CGI/PHP Technician, General Site Coder, Designer, Forum Admin
AIM: GameMusic3

Co-web of Sonic HQ/Marketing director. Vector is THE most knowledgeable HTML member on the staff - from regular to Javascript, this guy can do it all! Friendly and well spoken, Vector, a college student, is responsible for all the randomized midis and table designs and other stuff you see on the site! Vector currently maintains the Games Page and gives his advice wherever else it is needed.
Katrice Georges - "True Red, Lianne-Ka, Sailor Cancer Star"
Position: Co-Web, Forum Admin
AIM: SailorJulieSu
ICQ: 56951829

Co-web of Sonic HQ. I'm a college junior who maintains three other sites on the web, so I tend to be very busy. Right now, I mainly work on the Comics & News pages and work on the General Profiles for a few different universes here. I'm rarely on AIM as I normally get flooded, so email or leaving a message via ICQ are much better ways to get in contact.

General Staffers
Sarah Rose - "Samanfur"
Position: Fleetway Correspondent, Forum Admin
AIM: Samanfur

Jolly well what pip pip cheerio snap crackle pop rice krispies! Look out over your nearest chunnel and you can find our studious little friend Samanfur! See all the Fleetway info we have? The archives, the picture gallery, etc, etc - She gets first dibs on LOTS of the credit! Sam helped us begin what started as a nice little side note. So give our cheery little Samanfur a hand! She's two times the fun wrapped up and rolled into one!!!.....Or is that a Wuzzle? I forget....

Eric Larson - "TL"
Position: Directory, Coding, Forum Moderator
AIM: Seraphin TL

Well, I got stuck writing my own description, so, here I go ...

Working at HQ is actually one of the things I've aspired to do for quite awhile now, and I'm glad to finally be on board. ^_^ I'm sixteen, and I'm a computer nut - social life, what's that? ;D I tinker, I program, I design, I build, I read ungodly long "Teach Yourself" books ... but most of all, I chat. I hang out at a plethora of forums (including HQ's own Mobius Forum) and I'm on AIM a lot. ^_^ Catch me sometime!

PsxPhile - "PsxPhile"
Position: Information & Content Writer

-no description-

Jamie Swiftrunner - "SB"
Position: Fan Graphics

-no description-
Dr Lighthead - "Dr Lighthead"
Position: Profile Writer, News Maintainer
AIM: Dr Lighthead

-no description-
Jonathan M - "SA Tails"
Position: Profile Writer
AIM: MilesPrower SA

Mwe'llo all you happy peeps, name's SA Tails. I help with the profiles relating to the Sonic comics, and other random stuff I can't think of.. o.o I'm generally friendly, I like helpin' out with sites. I work on my own located at the addy (gotta put a shameless plug here), and I help out with other sites such as SonicVerse Team.
Nathan - "Ron Prower- The Real Tails"
Position: Official HQ Secretary, Q&A Mainter, General Projects, Vistor Center Mod,
AIM: RealTails

Always around and doing something (on one website or another), Ron handles the hoards of questions that come into the Q&A e-mail and answers them on a daily basis. Ron also works around the message board answering questions in the Vistor Center. And also works at other websites giving him great connections and tons of information to look at. He's also somewhat well known for the masses of stories that he has written at his own personal website. If you've got a question, he's the first person you should see.
Anthony - "Anthony, Hyper Anthony"
Position: Hoaxes
AIM: Hyper Anthony100

Finally, I get a staff profile, and... IT'S ABOUT TIME ^_^!!! Anyway, my job is resizing hoaxes, turning bmps into jpgs, that kind of stuff. I put them on the site if everyone else is busy. Anyway... I'm a major hamster fan, and every once in a while I'll do a hoax or too. I am the youngest staff member by far, at 11, I'm going to be around here for a long, long time. I'm going to be a lot more active with the hoaxes now, so stop bugging me about it!
Andy Fields - "NeoSeifer, Gray Fox, SOC Gray"
Position: News Maintainer, Fan Art, Music
AIM: NeoSqueeks
ICQ: 93858500

Andy isn't your typical high school student. Actually, he is, he just likes to say he isn't. Long time Sega and Sonic fan, Andy's Sega fandom started with his old Master System (Which still, by some kind of divine intervention, still works). Obsessive about being up to date about news of all kinds, he is also very into the world of fan art, he loves to see other people's work. He's also into Mystery Science Theatre 3000, probably to such a degree that it's unhealthy. He's also never short of game music, as his large collection of game music takes up multiple gigs on his hard drive. You can hear some of his collection on his internet radio station, Dark Omen Game Radio.
Lien Nguyen - "Chainspike"
Position: Graphic Designer, Flash, Comics Maintainer, Forum Admin
AIM: ChainspikeLien

Now THIS girl is the best! Lien is our "graphics specialist" - in other words she makes sure everything looks pretty and often gets on Dub and Vector when something seems out of whack in design (And we have no choice BUT to follow her - otherwise she may throw pecans at us if we don't listen ^___^) Lien is really sweet though, and after her high school and college prep classes, she maintains the Comics Page along with WB. Lien also has a wish and desire to become a cartoon animator after college.

News Staff
Trevor - "Bumper"
Position: News Editor
AIM: SSFrefTrevor or Bumper347

Bumper is one of our main news editors.
Ryan Langley - "Rlan"
Position: Fan Games Maintainer, News Maintainer
AIM: Rlan2

Way down under in Australia sits slaphappy Rlan. A cordial chap by nature (except when it comes to Sega Ozisoft) Rlan is a really mellow dude with a really mellow demeanor! Friendly, always willing to put in advice and two cents, he also sits on staff as one of the 4 news directors with WB, MTB, and Tristan!

Rlan also runs Sonic Fan Games HQ.

Oooh, a virtual set...neat-o. :P
Tristan Bresnen - "Mr. T"
Position: News Maintainer, Live News Creator, And Pure D Nut

Tristan is ready and willing to go search the deepest, darkest reaches of the Internet to bring you news from all aspects on the Sonic community. He is also ready to test every code and analyze every piece of information he gets. Then, he'll put them in the Game Info section. In his spare time, if he ever has any due to working on his site, TSSZ, he listens to the 1,000+ news themes he has, watch the news from different cities every chance he has, and tell the public that he is not insane because he's into TV News... Tristan also wants to anchor the local news from a top TV market, such as Philly, New York, or, his favorite for the obvious reasons, Los Angeles. Maybe you'll see him someday on your local affiliate. Who knows?

Specialized Staffers

Pepperidge - "Pepperidge"
Position: Game Info Assistant, Sonic Enyclopedia Maintainer

- no description -
Kenneth Hillis - "Duo"
Position: Fan Fiction and Chat Room Maintainer
AIM: DMPrower

Meet Dynamic Duo! Last seen as assistant to Troophead in fanfic, now he is the fanfic maintainer! Duo here is the new maintainter of the fan-fic page. While not working on that, he writes fics himself as well. He also enjoys Anime (especially Dragon Ball Z), video games, drawing, and, as stated above, writing.
Sz - "Sz"
Position: Music

- no description -

Forum Staff
Angela Cheng - "Troophead"
Position: Mobius Forum Moderator
ICQ: 3418261

Troophead - outspoken, bold, ready to pounce on any debateable topic like a sabre toothed tiger - and just as nice as she can be. This lady is the local literature buff and you can tell by the way she used to keep the Fan-Fiction section in sway! Troophead is the queen of literature at HQ. Go on ask her any question! But dont get into a debate with her - you'll never win. ^___^ Troophead took time off to do the moderating job, but she gladly chose Duo as her succesor to fanfic. And while we will miss her at least we have her there at the forum to knock some sense into those mad ravenous newbies! And whats this about MTB I hear? ^_^
Vassilis Detsikas - "Mobius Tetherblood"
Position: RP Guild Moderator
AIM: MobiusTblood
ICQ: 35065914

Gamisoy !!!!! Oh if only you people knew what that meant... ^_^

Insane. Pure-D Insane. Thats the only way to describe this guy. Tether is cool as all heck, not to mention he's just....insane! My kind of guy. :) The newest member of the staff Tether here lives in the lovely idyllic confines of Greece - home of the Parthenon, ancient mythology, site for all those horribly bad Hercules take offs (cartoon included), and last but not least - Pitas! Say it with me - "Pitas". Doesn't it just roll off the tongue? As one of the admins, MTB naturally bubbles over with enthusiam about his position - like a bomb filled with buzzing hyperactive bumblebees. Rumor has it that MTB here has a certain infatuation with Troophead...who knew? ^_^
Brian Sapinski - "Sonic Whammy"
Position: Game Show Host
AIM: SonicWhammy

If you can't like Brian well then somethings just WRONG! Brian's the heart of the HQ gang and he shows it well. The first to get engaged to his lovely Andrea, Brian currently hosts forum game shows and interactivity events.

Special Contibutors
Andy Wolan And The Emulation Zone - Special thanks goes to the Emulation Zone for letting us use their space ! They saved us from the evil demonspawn of webservice that is..."Geocities!!!!" - and for that fate worse than death we are ever grateful! Seriously though, we'd like to thank Andy and the staff at the Emulation Zone for hosting us! It really was nice of them! Pop over to thier page and give it a peek when you finish here!
Rolland Thierren - "Real Lone Wolf"
Position: Comics Review Contributor
AIM: Rommy Wolf

Oh, Canada !!! Land of Mounties, Snow, Polar Bears, Toronto, and Meese...erm...Moose...Anyway meet Rolland Thierren or Real Lone Wolf to his friends! Rommy here is our Comics Reviewer, and he's got the comics knowledge to do the job well. And every two weeks good old Rolland will crank out a lovely little review of the comic for your viewing pleasure! In his spare time he serves as a part time mountie (well...he doesn't really, but it'd be cool if he did) and is also well versed on the doings of Dudley Do-Right, Snidely Whiplash, Nell, and the effervescent "Horse". A literature buff, if ever there were! ^____^

Neo Green Hill Zone And Forum
Jared Matte aka. Green Gibbon - Never think in the presence of the Green Gibbon! Thinking is illegal - and so is Pikachu! Green Gibbon is the owner of the coveted Neo Green Hill Zone! See the Gameplay Page on our Games section? We would NEVER have been able to pull that off without the help of the NGHZ owner and several members of the forum there including Martin Braid, Possesed Spam, Bo Bayles, DH Master, Micheal "G. Silver" Stearns, Dave Bulmer, James "Popcorn" Duffy, and a certain friend of mine named Roland "Jim Doe" Lowery! Pop over to the NGHZ and give the guys a holler! And if you're good little boys and girls, you might even get a Drano Cookie! *smile*

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