<7/20/2002> Update

A new Sonic 2 video has been uploaded =) You can find it here.

<9/04/2001> Update

lol. back.

<7/17/2001> Update

If anyone can get the new Sonic Adventure 2 commercial for this page, that would be great. If you can do it, email me at Kitty44448@yahoo.com. Thanks!!

<6/20/2001> Update

Hey everyone, Kat here. I'll be taking over this section. ^_^ I hope to do some good things with it! Stay tuned for updates.

<4/10/2001> Update

Added some Sonic 3 Mag ads which were donated by Ultimate Platform Gamer. I removed the Sonic Fighters Ad, which appearently WASN'T a Sonic fighters ad! Finally, I added a Sonic Adventure Preview Video. I found it out the web one day. Could someone please tell me who originally recorded this video so I can give proper credit?
<3/04/2001> Update

Sega Forever has donated a US Sonic 1 Ad. Check it out under the Sonic 1 section. Also, this site will be receiving a badly need facelift. More info on that as it come available.

<1/21/2001> More Magazine Ads Added

Mariano Ratti has donated some magazine ad scan from Argentina. They feature Sonic 1 SMS, Sonic 2 and the final focuses on no game in particular. As you might have guesses, the ads are in Spanish, however Mariano has provided an English translation of them.

I also added a Sonic Fighters video donated by A.J. Freda. He gave it to me a long time ago, I just realized now that I did not put a link to it! Ops! In any event, enjoy!